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Go Kart Racing

Friday Night Challenge - Week 32

13th Aug 2017

Brisbane Go KartingGo Kart RacingGold Coast Go KartingRace Night

What a night we had with ups and downs, excitement and drama. What more could you ask for in the best karting event you can participate in outside of official competitive racing. With practice, 3 heats, the best drivers after all 3 heats going into a semi-final and then the best of the best going head to head for their shot at gold in the super final.

Logan Law Go Kart Sprint Series Rd 4 race results

12th Aug 2017

Go Kart RacingGo Karting BrisbaneGold Coast Go Karting

There is a huge prize to be won a helicopter ride to and from the gold coast 600. Living the day like a millionaire up in a corporate box above pit lane drinking and eating to your hearts content. There are 3 drivers per team and each driver gets points get added together each round for the team to win the AMAZING PRIZE at the end of the season

​Sponsors Challenge 2017 - Round 3

28th Jul 2017

Go Kart RacingGo Kart ResultsGo Karting

Tonight welcomed back to Kingston Park Raceway the teams of R & J Batteries who were the winners for round 2 of the 2017 series followed by the team from Hit 105 who were a close second in the round 2 of the series and with the returning teams of JJ Richards, Honda, Logan Community Bank, Honda and Coca-Cola who are all revved up to get their team the points they need to move up the rankings in the latest round of the 2017 series.

Friday Night Challenge - Week 30

28th Jul 2017

Brisbane Go KartingGo Kart RacingGo Kart ResultsGold Coast Go Karting

Brisbane's best Go karting starts right here at Kingston Park Raceway and tonight we had 40 drivers battling it out with two racing groups on the 1100m LeMans Track.

Friday Night Challenge - Week 27

16th Jul 2017

Brisbane Go KartingGo Kart RacingGo KartingGold Coast Go Karting

Tonight’s Friday night challenge we have 3 full grid also joining us tonight is Crossfire marketing making the nights total of 60 drivers ready to take on the challenge on the 1100 meter lemans track in are Honda powered Schumacher go karts.

Logan Law Go Kart Sprint Series Rd 2 race results

01st Jul 2017

Go Kart RacingGo Kart ResultsGo Karting BrisbaneGold Coast Go Karting

Logan Law Go Kart Racing Sprint Series runs 5 very competitive rounds from May through to the grand final in September were the competition is pushing every driver to their limit to see who will come out on top.

Friday Night Challenge 23/06/2017

01st Jul 2017

Go Kart RacingGo Kart ResultsGo Karting Brisbane

Hello! And welcome to another exciting and eventful night of racing out here at Kingston Park Raceway’s Friday Night Challenge! With a bit of chill in the air keeping it nice, fresh and cold we warmed up the night with some fast paced racing action right off the bat with our practice sessions showing the excellent quality of drivers that came out for a bit of unbeatable fun.

Team Challenge Race Report Rd 3

18th Jun 2017

Brisbane Go KartingGo Kart RacingGo Karting BrisbaneGold Coast Go Karting

Yet another night of fast paced go kart racing in our Triple M Team Challenge Round 3! This is Brisbane’s Best 100 klm Go Kart Endurance race where the challenge consists of 3 drivers per team that will do 10 laps each before they will have to come into the pits to do the driver change each driver will repeat this process 3 times throughout the night

Best Bucks Party ideas in Brisbane | Kingston Park Raceway

31st May 2017

Bucks Party BrisbaneBucks Party IdeasGo Kart Racing

Bucks Party in Brisbane are One Hell of a day out when held at Kingston Park Raceway. There is extreme go karting action on the big kart track called the Le Mans Track which is 1100m in length and wide enough for 5 karts side by side down the straight.

Brisbane Go karting Race Finalist - Week 21

30th May 2017

Kingston ParkGo Kart RacingRace NightsRace Results

If you want to take on the best Go Karting racers in Brisbane then all you need to is front up on a Friday night and let your driving do the talking for you. Registration is at 6:00pm, Practice starts at 6:30pm with racing from 7:15pm sharp and we recommend you book as Friday Night Challenge is a very popular event here at Kingston Park Raceway!