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Safety Policy

Your Safety is our Main Priority

For your safety, we equipped the karts with our Remote Frequency safety control system which is activated via remote signal switching that allows us to control lights and the karts on the whole track at the touch of a switch and to add to the driver’s safety every kart has roll bars, seat belts and intrusion protection fitted to ensure we offer you the safest ride at all times.

This is no small indoor shed, the race way is spread over 15 acres and you are guaranteed to experience real side-by-side racing action in real race karts on our international standard racing circuit knowing that our trained marshals are constantly monitoring your safety from the control tower.

We take your safety very seriously, Should you be injured in an on track incident we will endeavor to provide you the best available care and request that you complete an incident report form prior to leaving the raceway. All injuries no matter how small should be reported to a track supervisor on the day.

No Bumping or swerving of the karts is allowed and guests are required to follow the instructions given by track marshals. No verbal or physical abuse will be tolerated and drivers who fail to observe this policy will be asked to leave the raceway immediately.

Hair Safety Policy

All drivers with Long Hair and/or Loose Clothing are responsible for keeping these items fully retained within the hairnet/hoodie/race suit at all times.

If your Hair Falls below your Shoulders you are required to wear a Hoodie - you can bring your own from home or you can purchase a Lightweight Disposable one from our Pit Stop Cafe for $3.30 - If your hair falls below your Waist you will be required to wear a Race Suit - you can  purchase a Lightweight Disposable one for $5.50 from our Pit Stop Cafe. All hair below shoulders is to be plaited or tied every 150mm

Failure to do so may result in serious injury and/or cancellation of all rides on the go karts.