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Go Kart Driving Tips

Driving skills are the most important factor to being able to have fast lap-times. Once you have mastered driving a go kart and developed good driver skills you will have an advantage over those who have never driven.

The basic driver training program at Kingston Park Raceway will have you well prepared to start learning to drive a vehicle on the public roads. But the driving skills have to come first!

Here are the basics so that you can build on a solid platform. Drive smoothly on the track and eliminate sharp movements and the severing in corners.

How Do I get a Better lap Time??

The main idea is to make it (the corner) as straight as possible and thus increase your exit speed. See the track indicated with the dotted line. The driver is on the "racing Line" and clips the apex of the corner as he accelerates out off the turn.

The next points to talk about are the brake and acceleration points.
You need to brake before starting the turn.

Note: All braking must be done whilst the kart is in a straight line.

If you brake hard after turning into the corner, you will spin!

And finally on braking:  Never two foot the pedals in a corner. You're either accelerating or braking. Use of two pedals at once will cause the kart to go slower.

OK... Now let's accelerate. When you are at the Apex point (middle of the turn), start stepping on the accelerator. You will notice that your kart steers best under acceleration.

With the power on, you will tend to push the nose of the kart around the corner and assist with the turn in.
The truth is that you can step on the accelerator when you feel OK. When you feel your kart can go faster without sliding, throttle up!
Knowing when the time is right to accelerate will take practice so be patient.

It is important to brake early to settle the kart. Turn in and then squeeze the throttle as you reach the apex of the corner. Don't dive too deep into a corner and 'late brake', as this will make you slide and give you a slower exit speed from the corner. Wild slides in corners may be fun but the lap times are slow. The old racing saying that 'smooth is quick' is very true in kart racing.

!!!! Drive within your limits and build up your speed lap by lap !!!!

Remember that due to construction, all karts are different.

Some will push or under-steer through the corner whilst others dive in or over steer which can cause the rear to step out. Other differences may occur in the power bands of the engines. Some will pull hard at low revs whilst others show excellent mid range performance.

Though all karts at Kingston Park Raceway have similar top end speeds you can achieve better lap times by adjusting your driving style to suit each kart.

Why are some karts faster than others?
The answer is in the driver. If you exit the Hair Pin onto the main straight 5kph faster than the kart beside you, the speed difference at the end of the straight will be as much as 8kph faster. Albert Einstein's theory of relativity (Energy / mass) can be applied to karting.

To achieve quick race times, the trick is to adjust to your particular kart as quickly as possible and you will have an enjoyable day of fast fun and excitement at Kingston Park Raceway.