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Race Club

Racer Wrap
Bacon/Egg/Cheese & Hash Brown


Cheeky Cheese Burger
Cheese burger with Hot Chips


Hot Lap Hamburger Meal
Large Hamburger/Small Hot Chips/ Soft drink


Slipstream Sandwich Platter
Selection of Ham/Chicken & Salad (20 Pieces)


Apex Appetizers
Hot platter with Mini Pies/Spring Rolls/Garlic Balls/Chicken Nuggets/FishBites/Large Hot Chips (25 Pieces)


Trackside BBQ (Minimum Qty 10)
Rib Fillet Steak/Sausage/3 x Salads/Garlic Bread/Hot Chips


Fuel Stop Fish (Minimum Qty 10)
Crumbed Fish/3 x Salads/Garlic Bread/Hot Chips


Chicken Chicane (Minimum Qty 10)
Chicken Breast/3 x Salads/Garlic Bread/Hot Chips


Dragster Desserts (Minimum Qty 10)
Choice of 2 - Pavlova/Cheesecake/Choc. Cake/Tiramisu


Flat-out Fruits (Minimum Qty 10)
Fresh Selection of Seasonal Fruit