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Race Club

Outdoor vs. Indoor Karting

Real racing can only be had on a real race track! Outdoor environments where karts can hit speeds of up to 70 kph and where plenty of passing room allows for maximum (and safe) racing!


OUTDOOR - A much larger track leads to more passing, more straights, more slip streaming, it's real racing!

INDOOR - Smaller locations, often in sheds, leads to a very harrowing experience where collisions seem to be constantly occuring


OUTDOOR - More competitors on track so you enjoy more side by side action! On our Le Mans Track we can run 25 karts at a time!

INDOOR - Australian Standards limit the number of karts on an indoor track to usually only run 10 - 12 karts at a time.


OUTDOOR - So much more passing room! Even when there is an accident on track, karts can drive around the blockage safely which means you get all the time you have paid for.

INDOOR - Narrow tracks are very quickly blocked as karts can regularly crash. Usually, due to the size, this means tracks are shut down until the blockage is cleared and as a result you get less karting time.


OUTDOOR - Day or night, wet or dry, outdoor go karting will always be on track at a well constructed venue with professional lighting and good track drainage.

INDOOR - Sheds have a lot of benefits in rainy weather but they can get very smelly, stuffy and hot when there are a lot of karts going around.