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Brisbane Lawyers - 1 Hour Enduro

2018 Series has completed

Drivers start your engines and get ready for the Ultimate Go Karting Event in Brisbane or the Gold Coast. 
Heavy and Light Driver Classes
One Driver. One Hour. One Hell of a Night Out!

Looking forward to welcoming you back to Round 1 in February 2019

1 Hour Non-Stop Racing

  • Practice Warm Up from 6pm
  • Race 1 Hour Event
  • Drivers Up to 25 per grid
  • Price $135 pp

Schumacher Race Karts

  • Top Speed 70km/h
  • Engine 8.5hp @ 5250rpm
  • Chassis Chrome Molly
  • Tyres 52SL Racing Slicks

1100 Metre Le Mans Track

  • Track International Standard
  • Distance 1100m (7m width)
  • Timing Group A Sector Timing
  • Speed Top Speed 70 Kph

1Hr Endurance Challenge [22nd November]

The Ultimate Go Karting Challenge!

Race the Go Karting Enduro and enjoy the ultimate night out!

  • The Race: 60 minute Endurance Race
  • Kart Changes: 1 mid-race kart change
  • Track: 1100m International Standard Le Mans
  • Entry Fee: $135 pp
  • One Driver One Stop and One Hell of a Night Out

Event Dates

This is a 5 round Series sponsored by Brisbane Lawyers 

March / May / July /Sept / November

Entries are now OPEN! Call 3826 2255 to enquire.

Winners of the 2018 Heavy Division
1st    Bob Cripps            236 pts
2nd   Bianca Smith        164 pts
3rd    Chris Burns          142 pts
4th     Andrew Barnes   134 pts
5th    Tony Anchow       118 pts

Winners of the 2018 Light Division

1st     Treigh Maschotta   172  pts
2nd    Justin Smith            172 pts
3rd     Liam Neutze           116 pts
4th     Justin Whittal          116 pts
5th     Peter Clark              108 pts

Winners Presentation

Podium presentations are conducted at the conclusion of the event on the Coca Cola Stage

  • 1st   $100 in KPR Voucher
  • 2nd  $75 in KPR Voucher
  • 3rd   $50 in KPR Voucher
  • Photos are taken on the podium and available on Facebook
    Note: Race 1 at 6:30 pm & Race 2 at 8:00 pm

Rules and Regulations

One Driver,  One hour,  One Hell of a Night Out. 

  • The  Event is a 1 hour race driven by 1 driver who will drive until the pit window opens between the 20 min and the 40 min mark
  • Drivers will stop in pit lane change to another go kart and must be stationary for 60 seconds before re-joining the race
  • At the 1 hour mark the lead driver will complete just 2 more laps and the race is completed
  • Drivers who fail to stop for a 60 seconds pitsop will be disqualified from the race
  • Drivers who don’t do a full 60 second pit stop will be penalised 1 lap in the results
  • Drivers are responsible to time their pit stop duration by using eg: stopwatch 
  • A pace kart will, be deployed in the event that track crew are needed to work on the track
  • Race will start behind a pace kart in two lines of karts 2 abreast 
  • On the rolling restart the karts will be in single file and as the pace kart pulls into the pits the lead driver will control the restart
  • In the case of rain the race will be run if safe to continue so do not assume that the rain has cancelled your event.
  • No refunds will be paid for no shows on race night.
  • Transferring your payment to another time and date is available if you provide 7 days notice.
  • Race results will be declared on the night and no further discussion or debate will be entered into.
  • Mechanical breakdowns are a part of motor sport and no refunds will be offered should you fail to complete the race.
  • All kart damage due to accidents or collisions may be charged to the driver of the kart if deemed due to the drivers actions
  • The stewards decision in any protest is final.
  • Drivers may be substituted up to 1 hour prior to the event without loss of points.
  • Drivers minimum age is 16 years for race events at Kingston Park Raceway
  • Entry Forms must be returned and signed 7 days prior to the race night. 

Kart Changes, 
All Drivers will perform a mandatory pit stop and complete a kart swap during the One Hour race. The strategy is up to you and you will need to pick the right lap to stop on to avoid the pit lane rush

Pace Karts, To make the racing more even this year we will introduce a pace kart that will be deployed on track should there be a incident where a kart is on track it what is deemed to be a dangerous position for the driver or other racers

Grid Positions, Grid positions will be allocated on best qualifying times recorded

Weight categories, There will be two weight divisions. Light Class up to 85kg : Heavy Class 86 kg plus...

Maximum driver weight is limited to 125 kg

Entry Fees

Entry for the event is $135.00 per person.

A club membership is required. Available on the night at $5.50 pp.

Limited Edition Kingston Park Raceway 1 Hour T-Shirt available at the Cafe $20 (Black)


Our events are very popular at Kingston Park Raceway so make sure you book your spot well in advance!

To book your event, contact our helpful event management team on (07) 3826 2255 or enquire online.

We look forward to welcoming you track side very soon!


Call now! (07) 3826 2255