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Team Challenge 2017 Scoreboard

If you like Fast & Furiously Wicked Tag Team Racing Action then this year's 5 Race Enduro Team Challenge will provide exactly what you are looking for. It's an Adrenalin pumping event from start to finish.

ROUND 2  -   20/04/2017 

Hello and welcome to round two blog of Kingston Park Raceways Triple M Tag Team Challenge! And what a heart pumping night it was with new and old faces alike joining in on the 90lap / 100klm endurance event.  A full grid always means full excitement and that's exactly what we had with a full grid of 19 karts, 3 drivers a team and each of them pulling competitive lap times all night.

How does it work:- During the race each driver will race for 10 laps then come in to do the driver change  over and in all drivers will do this 3 times each so you don't only have to be fast on the track you also have to have clean and fast driver change over's in the pits to win this race...

For Round Two Triple M challenge we have joining  us is: Don't Blush Baby, Foreigners, Cranky Pants Racing, Go Kart Avengers, Tech Path, Shriro Schumachers, DJS Motorsport, The F1 Wanna Bs, DJM Racing, Far Q,  Cool Running, Red Cup Coffee Racing, The Nolan Bros and a Pom, Hansmix, JRR Racing, Karteram, Full Throttle, Triple M winners and Logan law who never started the race due to a personal issueââ�¬Â¦

As all teams the 2 minute whistle sounds the first driver jumps into their kart start their engine then with 10 seconds to go they make their way out onto the 1100 meter Le Mans track to grid up behind the pace kart two bye two.  It's a rolling start and as the driver head down the main straight for the first of 90 laps we have all the other drivers cheering on their teams. What a sight, race faces on, lights go green and we are off. As all driver get off the a very fast and clean start Don't Blush Baby leads them into Honda hairpin but they don't have  time to look back as everyone is right behind and bumper to bumper. Time for pit stop one and The Full Throttle team hit dirty on the outside of 2 and slide  into the tire wall dropping their team down the grid but it's ok there 81 laps left to go to make up for that small error.

Lead drivers head into the pits to do there driver change. What the heck, DJS motorsport came sliding into the pits on the greasy surface and got sideways causing a blockage of pit entry and blowing away any gap the leaders had built in the first driver's stint. The big mover in the pits was Red Cup Coffee Racing who did a super-fast change over and jumps up 7 places just in pit lane. They scramble to get back on track and don't Blush Baby ended up having a spin and giving the lead away to DJM Racing who take advantage of the clear track and blast away from the pack and set the fastest lap of the race with a 61.330 lap.

The battle at the rear of the grid was as intense as it was up front with Triple M winner and Full Throttle racing hard to stay in touch with our leaders.  The team from Don't Blush Baby are on a charge and taking every advantage but took one too many risks and ended up on th e tyre wall at 2 while trying to paqss the Techpath team. Don't Blush Baby now have to put their head down and race smooth and fast to make up for that one.

In the mid field we have a 4 way battle for 4th place with  Karteram, JRR Racing The F1 wanna Bs and Cranky Pants racing flat out and putting on a great show.

As the teams come into for another driver change over The f1 wanna Bs drop the ball and brake the pit lane speed limit and that cost them 10 precious seconds and putting them on the back of the 4 way battle for 4th place.

At the 60 lap mark most teams are all circulating in the mid 62 seconds so the only place to jump up the leader board is in the pits and the drivers know the value of a good driver change. Red Cup Coffee are very slick in the pits with a 62 second lap time and a fast 24 second driver change which won them fastest pit change of the night.

As DJM Racing were on fire and lapping almost  .5 of a second faster than any other team giving them a great lead over the field but the real battle was for 2nd place between Red Cup coffee Racing and DJS motorsport as both teams come in for their driver change over's at eaxactly the same time. Unfortunately Red Cup Coffee Racing forgot to place their helmet on the seat before the next driver jumps into the kart getting a  10 second pettily letting 2nd place get away.

DJS motorsport set off o the last driver change in hot pursuit of our leaders DJM Racing but in the excitement they were involved in a small on track skirmish that slowed them down and allowed the fast moving Red Cup Coffee Racing to steal 2nd place. Wow what a race, what a finish and as the Checker flag drops the Finishing positions of the top teams were:

1st DJM Racing 

2nd Red Cup coffee racing
3rd DJS motorsport

4th Karteram

5th JRR Racing

6th Cranky Pants Racing

7th The F1 wanna B's

8th Techpath

9th Hansmix

10th Forgigners

11th The Nolan bro's and a  Pom

12th Shriro Schumacher's

13th Cool Running's

14th Don't blush Baby

15th Go Kart Avengers

16th Far Q

17th Full Throttle

18th Tipple M winners

19th Logan law DNF

Fastest lap DJM Racing 61.330

Slowest lap Triple M winners 63.8

Most 10 Second Penalties Don't Blush Baby, 5

Fastest driver change over 86.6 Red Cup coffee racing

Slowest  driver change over Tipple M 140.6 seconds

It would be remiss of me to not finish with plug and we all know that Brisbane's Best Go karting is right here on track every week with the Friday Night Challenge at Kingston Park Raceway

Real racing in real race karts on a real race track it's where the drivers can race hard, race fast and enjoy all the thrills of motorsport. It's One Hell of a Night Out!

Thanks to everyone for joining us here tonight, competitors, spectators, friends and family for making the second round of this years Triple M Team Challenge one to remember.

If you are interested in jumping on in don't be shy, check out our website at or call our friendly sales team on 3826 2222 for more information. 

The Triple M Tag Team Challenge is Brisbane's best go kart race nights and offer the 3 man teams plenty of on track action. It is a fun evening for all so bring a cheer squad. The Triple M Team Challenge is run every 2 months here at Kingston Park raceway and the next event will be held in 2017 so stay tuned for the start dates on our Website and Social Media pages. 

So make sure you put that date in your diary and we hope to see every one back on track soon. 

Any enquiries please call Sonya on 3826 2255 at the Sales Office or email on  

The Best of Brisbane's Go karting events just got a lot better in this month's so get your team together and race here at Kingston Park Raceway in the next round