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Pro Series @ Kingston Park

Logan Law Sprint Series

Pro Series Kart Racing

The Best of the Best on Track

4 Race Sprint Racing Format on the  Night

Next Race - Friday  27th September 2019

Pro Series Kart Racing

You must qualify to enter this event

To make the cut you must of logged better than a 62.5 second lap in the last 24 months around the Le Mans Track

  • Format      Sprint series Event
  • Price         $89 per Round
  • When        Last Friday night of each month
  • Racing      Racing from 7:00pm
  • Entries are now OPEN! - Call 3826 2255 to enquire.

Event Dates

Below are the first 5 race dates so you can put them in your diary.

26th July - 30th August - 27th Sept - 25th October -  29th Nov

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Winners Presentation
Podium presentations are conducted at the conclusion of the event on the Coca Cola Stage

  • On the Night, Great Trophies and Prizes are up for grabs at each round
  • Photos are taken on the podium and available on Facebook
    Event Dates:  22nd Feb; 29th March; 26th April; 31st May 28th June
  • Event Winners ...Trophies and prizes will be presented to the top three drivers based on accumulated points from the nights racing

Additional Rules and Regulations

  • A pace kart will, be deployed in the event that the track is blocked and  track crew are needed to work on the track
  • On the rolling restart the karts will be in single file and as the pace kart pulls into the pits the lead driver will control the restart pace
  • In the case of rain the race will be run if safe to continue so do not assume that the rain has cancelled your event.
  • No refunds will be paid for no shows on race night.
  • Transferring your payment to another time and date is available if you provide 7 days notice.
  • Race results will be declared on the night and no further discussion or debate will be entered into.
  • Mechanical breakdowns are a part of motor sport and no refunds will be offered should you fail to complete the race.
  • All kart damage due to accidents or collisions may be charged to the driver of the kart if deemed due to the drivers actions
  • Once the race has commenced the event is declared as run and no refunds are offered.
  • The stewards decision in any protest is final.
  • Drivers may be substituted up to 1 hour prior to the event 
  • Minimum driver weight of 75 Kg (you may use lead waist belt to meet minimum weight)
  • Drivers minimum age is 16 years for race events at Kingston Park Raceway
  • All KPR racing rules and regulations plus the standard T&C apply to this event

Kart Changes, 
All Drivers will perform a mandatory kart swap during the 1.5 Hour race. The strategy is up to you and you will need to pick the right lap to stop on to avoid the pit lane rush. The kart change must happen on the second to third driver change.

Pace Karts, To make the racing more even this year we will introduce a pace kart that will be deployed on track should there be a incident where a kart is on track it what is deemed to be a dangerous position for the driver or other racers

Grid Positions, Starting positions will be determined by the qualification shoot out.

Wet Race,  In the event of a ‘rained out’ evening, (NON EVENT) drivers will receive a rain-out pass for a future event at a date TBC. 

Entry Fees

Entry for the event is $89 pp.

A club membership is required. Available on the night at $5.50 pp.

Starting positions will be determined by the qualification shoot out.

Special Conditions

  • By payment of entry fees all Participants agree to the Terms and Conditions of Kingston Park Raceway.
  • All Participants agree that images and reference to respective teams may be used in promotion of this and similar events in all media format