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Team Challenge Race Report Rd 3

Posted on November 1, 2017 by

Yet another night of fast paced racing in our Triple M Team Challenge Round 3!
This is Brisbane’s Best Go Kart Endurance race where the challenge consists of 3 drivers per team that will do 10 laps each before they will have to come into the pits to do the driver change each driver will repeat this process 3 times throughout the night.

It is 100 klm of Fast and Furious fun and on track whilst many a race has been lost in the driver changes but the challenge is well worth the prize as those 3 lucky drivers will experience V8 Super Car racing in the lap of Luxury with 3 x VIP main straight corporate box tickets to the Gold Coast Indy!!!

Its  another full grid and the teams Joining us tonight are Foreingers, Cranky Pants Racing, Go Kart Avengers, Tech Path , Shriro Schumachers, DJM Racing , The F1 Wanna Bs , Red Cup Coffee Racing , Far Q , Tech Path team 2 , 3 Little Pigs , GOWO , CTS Motorsport, Archilovers, Mayhem , Katerham , Recall Racing , The Big Test Cles , Triple M Winners, 

Points  leaders after round 2 in April are CTS Mortorsport with 116 points 2nd DJM racing 114 points 3rd Karterham 100 points. There are 5 rounds and as we sit mid season it is exciting to see that the top 3 teams are neck and neck on points all racing to win that VIP Gold Coast 600 Pack.
On the grid and in readiness to start the 90 laps of the 1.1klm Le Mans circuit and all the drivers get geared up and ready for some fast laps on this chilly night. The 2 minute warning is called and it is “Drivers start you engines” at the whistle the karts roll out behind the pace kart in there 2 by 2 formation.
On the rolling lap we have Foreigners in pole position with Cranky Pants Racing in 2nd place. The lights go green GO GO GO we are off and racing as we hear all the teams cheering on there drivers. Red Cup Coffee Racing with the perfect start starting from 8th jumping into first place in the first lap and as the we cross for lap 2 s Shiro Schumacher’s are first team to make a mistake ending up in the tyres at turn 2 dropping down the grid. Tech Path Are first team to break into the 62 second mark cracking some fast lap times and moving their way up the grid into first place with some clean racing.
On lap 9 Red Cup Coffee Racing jump back into the lead with a clean pass at turn one pushing Techpath back into 2nd spot. Its lap 10 and drivers are now pulling into the pit lane to do their driver change over CTS Motorsport with a very fast and smooth driver change jump the field in the pit lane leading the driver back out on to track but not far behind was Red Cup Coffee Racing and right on their bumper was Techpath. The 2nd driver of each team are now out on track racing, the top ten teams brake away from the rest of the grid all doing some fast times of low 62 second making this a fast intense race. Are first driver into the 61s is team Tech Path pulling it getting every little bit out of there kart hoping to push for the top spot.
As approach lap 19 the Lead drivers head back into the pits for there next driver change. Once Again CTS Motorsport has another perfect driver change over But DJM Racing has stepped up the plate, driver changing their way into 2nd place  hoping the catch the leading Team.
We skip along to half race distance were the leading teams CTS Motorsport in 1st with a 8 second lead over DJM Racing in 2nd and in 3rd we have Red Cup Coffee Racing only 14 seconds behind the leader.  All drivers are pushing hard we had Archilovers on the wrong side and go wide around turn 7 sliding into the tyres costing them valuable seconds.  At lap 45 there is now only 10 seconds between the top 3 drivers  DJM Racing and Red Cup Coffee Racing pushing on hoping the gain that first place but we all know CTS Motorsport wont give it up that easy. As the lead drivers do their change over’s again CTS Motorsport makes 10 seconds just in the pit lane giving their team a healthy gap back over the rest the grid.  Red Cup Coffee Racing end up making contact with another Team causing their kart the have a front puncher dropping there back into 4th place giving a easy pass to Tech Path Jumping up into 3rd place.
At lap 60 CTS Motorsport Still leads the way DJM racing in 2nd And in 3rd Is Tech Path. All doing very fast lap times of low 62 seconds and Tech Path still holding the fastest lap in the mid 61s. New comers Triple M Winners are starting to get the hang of it jumping from last place up into 12th place by braking into the 63 second and consistently lap without incident.
Lap 79 ticks over and our front teams head back into pits to do their driver change over and leading the driver back out on track CTS Motorsport 1st still racing fast and smart holding the lead over almost the entire race  and not far behind you have DJM Racing in 2nd and in 3rd Tech Path who have impressed tonight against very strong competition. The F1 Wanna Bs cracked some quick laps in the 62;s and jumped up into 5th place and were is a massive battle with the 3 little pigs for most of the event. Following that pair we had Katerham , Recall Racing , The Big Test Cles , Triple M Winners all nose to tail in battle.
We have arrived at the last stint of the night and it is make or brake time for the leaders as they leave the pits we see CTS Motorsport 1st , 2nd DJM Racing 3rd and Techpath within 3 seconds and a further 2 seconds we have Red Cup Coffee so it is not over yet. All teams raced well all night and some of the less experienced became attuned to the track and started to lap in the constant 62 second mark which was in itself a great achievement But tonight’s win will go to the experienced team of  CTS Motorsport who managed to gap the chasing pack on the last stint and crossed 5 seconds clear of DJM racing in second and coming in 3rd was Tech Path with a well improved team .
1st CTS Motorsport 62.117
2nd DJM racing 62.160
3rd Tech Path 61.759 (fastest Lap )

Scoreboard Team Challenge
Top 3 point holders after round 3
1st CTS Motorsport 176 points
2nd DJM Racing 172 points
3rd Red Cup Coffee Racing 150 points

Thanks to everyone for joining us here tonight, competitors, spectators, friends and family for making the third round of this years Triple M Team Challenge one to remember. If you are interested in jumping on in don't be shy, check out our website at www.kingstonpark.com.au or call our friendly sales team on 3826 2255 for more information.
Race hard, race fast and we'll see you trackside soon for Brisbane’s Best Go karting Race here at Kingston Park Raceway.