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Triple M Tag Team Challenge - Round 1

Posted on February 24, 2018 by

Triple M round one is about to get under way this year it’s a little different. We will be running 90 minutes with 2 drivers doing 4 pit stops and one very important kart change over at anyone of your pit stops.  So what that means is you will be doing 3 20 minutes stints and one 30 minute stint but it is up to you on how you do your pit stops, each stint must be a minimum 20 minute run. So the best time to pit will be when the pit lane is clear so you can get in and out fast.

Tonight joining us for round one will be F1 Wanna B’s, Potato Pies, Knight Riders, River City Detailing, OTR, Voltfix, Carters Karter, Kings of Coke, JJ Richards, Techpath, RBT97, The Gun, OTR Kiwis and The Rigs, all ready to take on the challenge of the 1100 meter lemans track also with a bit of light rain on tonight making it for some interesting racing.

As all drivers have had their practice run they are now ready for the real deal - the 1.5 hour race. All drivers gear up and start to head out onto the track behind the pace kart in there 2 by 2 formation. The pace kart pulls off the lemans  track and the drivers are all waiting for the lights to go green…and green we go Go Go GO!!! We are off and racing with all drivers heading down into the slippery turn one as its still raining. The Gun gets off a clean start leading the grid for the first lap.

20 minutes down and the drivers start heading in to do there driver change over and only 2 teams do a kart change over as the rest of the teams wanting to keep their karts. The Rigs with a very fast clean driver change now lead their way out onto the track and as the rain picks up again it makes for a real challenge for all the drivers.  Oh no River City Detailing ends up sliding out and ending up into the tyre wall dropping them to the rear of the grid as it’s such a close race. 

JJ Richards are on the move driving their way through the grid moving up from 11th place into 4th with a great drive in the wet with some teams having trouble in the rain.  As most teams have done there next driver change over the grid starts to open up with the fast driver leaving the other drivers behind.

All driver changes are not done and kart changes are done it’s a sprint to the end as we have 4 teams on the lead lap, it could be anyone’s race.  The 90 minutes of racing is up there are 2 laps to go. As our drivers head onto the main straight the first team to see the checker flag and winning the race is The Rigs 1st Kings of Coke 2nd F1 wanna Bs 3rd.

Race placing:

1st The Rigs
2nd Kings of Coke
3rd F1 Wanna Bs
4th JJ Rachards
5th Potato Pies
6th OTR
7th The Gun
8th Knight Rider
9th Carters Karters
10th Voltfix
11th RBT97
12th OTR Kiwis
13th Techpath
14th River City Detailing

Fastest Team of the night
F1 Wanna B’s 65.674

What a night we had with ups and downs, excitement and drama. What more could you ask for in the best karting event you can participate in outside of official competitive racing.. For more information check out our website at www.kingstonpark.com.au or call our sales team on 07 3826 2222. Also don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for updates on special events, offers, deals and more. Once again a big thank you to all who joined us here for a action packed, adrenaline filled, unbeatable night karting here at Kingston Park Raceway’s