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Triple M tag Team Challenge Rd 1 (2020)

Posted on July 17, 2021 by

Triple M Tag Team Challenge Round One


As all 20 Teams head out onto track set there fastest lap time to determine were, they are going to start from tonight. Straight away we saw Premium Auto go to the top of the qualifying list with a 61:476 second and that help them secure the top spot for qualifying.

As all driver gear up at their weight on and getting ready for their 2-hour race their drivers line up behind the pace kart. On the front row we have Premium Auto and sitting right next to them was F1 wanna Bs.The pace kart pulls and the lights go green and we are off and racing down into turn one with all drivers not giving a  inch bumper to bumper. Premium Auto make a break for it as there was a battle going on for 2nd give them a small lead over the grid the perfect start you want.

Oh no Gatton 5 over drove it into the corner and in result ended up turning another drivers team around. So that means Gatton 5 where are first team to get a pitlane plenty lucky it’s a long race and time can be make back. As drivers head in to do there first rounds of stops only 1 team stopped to do their mandatory kart change CC Racing getting out of the way early and had no one holding them up very smart.

Premium Auto still leading the way after the stops but at this point, they had a 10 second lead laying out those 61 second lap times over and over. CC Racing and Team Blue getting into a great battle rubbing bumpers with CC Racing slowly starting to pull away after a few laps. Premium Auto now have a 20 second lead as the drivers behind are still battling so hard letting the leader get away.

As drivers head back in for the next round of stops this time we have a few teams doing their stops. Drivers jumping out and moving weight from kart to another kart so their next driver can take off. Lightchops get a fast driver change over and move them self’s up into 3rd place and on the hunt for 2nd place as it was only just down the road. Team skid Marks moved there from 5th into 4th with a night dive down the inside of turn one dropping Lights Speed back to 5th.

Team Skid Marks are on the move and they now just got past F1 Wanna Bs now that moves them up into second placed and the gap to the leaders has fallen from 20 seconds down to 11 seconds. Final stop Premium Auto are in to do their last change and right behind them comes in Team Skid Marks hot on their tail. Who will do the faster stop. And the Teams head back out on to track and after 1.5 hours of racing theres only 1 second between 1st and 2nd making for some great racing all the way to the end.   

Premium Auto now have Team Skid Marks right on the back of there gear box now just waiting for the right time to send it. Team Skid Mark send it down at turn 3 getting stuck side by side on the way out of the corner but with Team Skid Mark straighten their exit gave them the drove out of the corner giving them the lead of the race. With the checker flag out Team Skid Mark take the win. What a race. After 109 laps around the 1100-meter lemans track are top 3 are,

1st Team Skid Marks (their fastest lap 61:913)

2nd Premium Auto fastest lap of the race 61:880

3rd F1 Wanna Bs (their fastest lap 61:915)

Top 3 teams times closest its ever been.

Drivers remember that next round your team must have a combined weight of 160kg as per last nights breifing. Dont turn up short as it will cost you points in round 2.

Would like to thank everyone that came to race and watch tonight. The event was booked out so please book now to get your spot next round at 21st of May. Call us on 3826 2255. Hope to see you all next time.