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Triple M tag Team Challenge Blog for Rd 1 2019

Posted on January 5, 2022 by

Triple M Tag Team Challenge 21.02.2019


Good evening and welcome to the first round of this years Triple M Tag Team Challenge! What an eventful night it was with a full grid geared and ready to take on the challenge. 20 teams, 40 drivers, 3 mandatory pit stops, one kart changeover and of course an hour and a half of non-stop racing action out here on our 1100m Le Mans circuit. With practices and qualifying done and out of the way our teams get themselves ready for the start of our event. Starting drivers are selected, engines are started and out they roll for the beginning of round one of tonights long awaited Triple M Tag Team Challenge!

As the pace kart circulates with the full grid behind the drivers on the pit wall wait with baited breath for the start of the race. Pace kart pulls in, lights go green and cheers go up as the event is underway! Ben & Luke off pole position maintain their lead for the first portion of the race fending off Light Chop and BMW Boys. Not to let the leaders get too far away however Team Ramrod who stared from position 6 got stuck in and made a dash later in the first stint managing to snatch first position going into the first driver changeovers. Light Chop also found an opening and made their way into second putting Ben & Luke back into third. First Gear and Just Joe coming off positions 8th and 11th respectively push hard and both gain several positions in the first stint setting themselves up nicely going forward. Team Buchanan after a great start off 9th making some good headway they push a touch too hard trying to make a passing move through turn seven and end up spinning themselves around. What was an easy run was made much harder and they now have a lot of ground to cover coming off the rear of the field.

With the first pitstops under way it is quite the organised chaos as it usually is around this time of the event but all teams get in and back out clean as possible. We had a number of teams opt for a very early kart changeover on the very first stint, one of which was First Gear who managed to climb their way up to the top 5 early on, their strategy was to get in early to avoid the rush later on. Their second driver was a little rough however receiving 2 ten second penalties which with racing this close it will definitely hurt them in the long run. BDS KTM, Red Machines, Next Level and The Coke Crew back in 13th position are turning on the heat all throughout the second stint as they race bumper to bumper, side by side, swapping positions every corner to what seems like no end. Into the later half of the race and Light Chop took the lead from Team Ramrod and Just Joe managed to slip past as well to take second. A solid pedal from Just Joe so far starting off 11th position to find themselves battling for the lead.

After the final pitstops and kart change overs we see Team Ramrod come out on top with a 21 second lead. First Gear found second through a hard charge and good changeovers and Just Joe holding onto third currently battling with BDS Yamaha and Light Chop. BDS Yamaha have had a great run making their way from 13th on the grid and have now found themselves in podium contention, a very hard pedal from them. First Gear are pushing so hard in the final legs to catch up with the lead driver but with only 15 minutes to go its not quite enough as Team Ramrod meet the chequered flag and come away with the victory! First Gear take second only 8.2 seconds behind the leader and Just Joe come across in third.

After 90 minutes of quality racing there was cheers from everyone in pit lane and on the sideleing to bid congratulations to all drivers who participated.

1st Team Ramrod 62.342

2nd  First Gear  61.965

3rd  Just Joe  61.515(fastest lap of the night)


And that about wraps it up for tonights Triple M Tag Team Challenge. If you think you have what it takes and have a mate that wants to get in and amongst it then dont forget to jump onto www.kingstonpark.com.au to secure your spots or call our friendly Sales Team on 07 3826 2255 as  spots fill up fast! Thank you all once again for joining us down here for Kinston Park Raceways Triple M Tag Team Challenge!