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TNT Group Go Kart Challenge 2017

Posted on September 2, 2017 by

TNT 01/09/2017

Today at Kingston park raceway we had TNT ready to take on the challenge of the 1.1km Lemans Track with two full grids, Team Blue and Team Orange. How today works is each team will race for points and will race 3 heats and then the main event to see who’s the fastest and also who have the most points at the end of the day to take home the Champion’s Trophy.

Team Orange is the first to hit the track for their final. Leading the grid out onto track Are Tim Pearson and Marty B gridding up behind the pace kart in their two by two formation waiting for the lights go green. The lights go green GO we are off and racing into turn one with Amy F having a flying start moving up the grid and Tim Pearson just holding onto the lead.

Oh no Hayley K could not keep up with the race pace and has ran wide going into turn 5 dropping down the grid such a shame after a great start. But up the front of the grid we have a change off leader with Amy F pulling some fast lap times getting a 63.505 and takes the lead away from Tim Pearson dropping him back into 2nd place. Now Amy F makes a brake for it making it look easy making a 5 second gap over the rest of the grid.

As we head into Team Orange last lap leading the way is Amy F 1st Tim Pearson in 2nd And Kenneth L pushing hard trying to get that 2nd spot.  Down the rear of the grid looks like Zoe T has lost the rear of her go kart meeting the tyre wall ouch that will be a hard one to come back from. As we hit the main straight for the last time Amy F takes the win for Team Orange. 

1st Amy F (fastest lap 63.505)  2nd Tim Pearson 3rd Kenneth L

Now it’s time for Team Blue to hit the Lemans Track and prove they are faster as they grid up out on track. Leading the way are Damian Ridley and Emmett D locking out the front row with the most points for the day. The pace karts in and the lights go green Damian Ridley gets off to the perfect start and the rest of the driver fell asleep at the line giving Damian Ridley a 3 second lead right away.

As the rest of the grid try to catch up Caroline K ends up parking the go kart into the tyre wall at turn one, she will now have to put her game face onto make up for the lost time. As Damian Ridley is a long way down the track the battle for 2nd gets hot as Neil G and Glen M battling it out trying to prove who the faster driver was.

Out in front Damian Ridley is now 10 seconds ahead of the grid just to fast not making a mistake showing everyone how it’s done. Emmett D ends up running wide going into turn one giving to much room in the inside racing line and drops back into 5th place. The checker flag is out and Damian Ridley takes the win making it look easy also doing the fastest lap of the race of a 62.602.

1st Damian Ridley( fastest lap 62.602) 2nd Glen M 3rd Neil M

Winner of the day with 240 points was Damian Ridley also fastest lap of A 61.780. Most improved driver Amy F also Fastest lady on the track with a 63.5.

Thanks to everyone for joining us here today, competitors, spectators, friends and family for making to the TNT express one to remember. If you are interested in jumping on in don't be

Shy, check out our website at www.kingstonpark.com.au or call our friendly sales team on 3826 2222 for more information. Race hard, race fast and we'll see you at the next one!