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Team Challenge Race Report Rd 4

Posted on August 28, 2017 by

Our top 10 teams have raced all series and know the track well and it was on from the get go with every driver out to prove themselves once again in the practice sessions. We saw a 62.898 to kick things off coming from one of the members of CTS Motorsport, Jayden O’Toole and a second fastest from Dean Ferguson with a 62.960 showing the rest of the field why they’re currently on top of the leader board. But practice is one thing, let’s get into the action and see how everyone measures up.

Starting off the front row for tonight’s event we had Don’t Blush Baby and Foreigners, second row; Cranky Pants Racing and Go-kart Avengers, third row; Techpath and Schriro Schumachers, forth row; Red Cup Coffee Racing and Karterham, fifth row; DJM Racing and The F1 Wanna B’s, sixth row; NJN Karting and CTS Motorsport, seventh row; This isn’t Golf and Team Panda, eighth row; Cummin at Ya and Triple M Winners.

With the early registration rule applied it meant that we had some of the top teams starting back in the field so it was sure to be an interesting start. And we were not disappointed as the teams grid up behind the pace kart, drivers and crew fighting back the nerves, onlookers eagerly awaiting the green flag and as the pace kart peels into pit lane the flag drops and we are racing! Into turn one and we see Don’t Blush Baby get the jump off pole and take the lead. Foreigners were caught napping as Cranky Pants Racing makes the slip behind Don’t Blush Baby to take second. Our top point’s holders instantly start making a charge picking off position after position through each corner.

With CTS Motorsport quickly charging to the front of the grid proving their dominance as the field starts to settle into a groove our first pit stops are quickly coming up. CTS Motorsport makes it first into pit lane to begin the first round of pit stops followed closely by Red Cup Coffee Racing and Don’t Blush Baby. We see Don’t Blush Baby making a very nice pit stop to get them back to the front with Red Cup Coffee Racing just getting out ahead of CTS Motorsport, Karterham and DJM Racing.

The laps begin to tick down quickly as we see some amazing battles between CTS Motorsport and Red Cup Coffee Racing as they both get around Don’t Blush Baby in the 3rd stint. With 55 laps to go CTS Motorsport makes the move into turn one and makes it stick to finally get them back into the lead. Battles erupt all throughout the pack with Karterham and DJM Racing battling for 4th position, Foreigners and Go-Kart Avengers head to head for 8th and Cummin at Ya and The F1 Wanna Bs fighting it out for 6th. Past the halfway point and most of the field still on the lead lap battling it out just proves how competitive this field and this series is.

Into the final few stints and we have some trackside drama with Red Cup Coffee Racing aggressively tagging Team Panda through turn 2 who retaliated into turn 3 closing the door on Red Cup Coffee Racing who ended up off the track! As the track marshals watched on waiting to see what would unfold, sure enough into turn 8 and Red Cup Coffee Racing hit Team Panda again. Now this conduct is definitely not on and both teams were lucky to get away with a few penalties. A 20 second penalty to Red Cup Coffee Racing for both incidences and 10 seconds to Team Panda for their involvement. In the same stint we saw our current leaders, CTS Motorsport spin another driver around at turn 4 resulting in a 10 second penalty for them. The pressure and fatigue obviously affecting out top teams as the race continues.

Almost at the end of our journey and CTS Motorsport pit a lap early?! Oh No! What a tragedy for the team as they were now 25 seconds ahead of Red Cup Coffee Racing. The laps wind down, 5, 4, 3, final pit stops completed and pit lane closed as the checkered flag waves to see CTS Motorsport cross the line in first! Followed by Red Cup Coffee Racing in second and Don’t Blush Baby finishing in third. But that’s not the end of the story as our marshals deliberate and compile the final race results after any outstanding penalties are applied. After penalties are applied the final results are in and this is how they fell:

1st – Red Cup Coffee Racing – 62.088

2nd – CTS Motorsport – 61.247 (fastest lap of the race)

3rd – Karterham – 62.684

4th – DJM Racing – 62.684

5th – Don’t Blush Baby – 61.773

6th – Go-Kart Avengers – 62.539

7th – Foreigners – 62.187

8th – Cummin at Ya – 62.390

9th – Cranky Pants Racing – 63.993

10th The F1 Wanna Bs – 62.998

11th – Team Panda – 63.490

12th – Schriro Schumachers – 64.156

13th – This isn’t Golf – 64.031

14th – NJN Karting – 64.313

15th – Techpath – 63.795

16th – Triple M Winners – 70.370

17th – DNS

18 -  DNS

Top 3 point holders after tonight’s round are

1st CTS Motorsport 234 points

2nd DJM Racing 226 points

3rd Red Cup Coffee Racing 210 points

Well what a race it was! Unstoppable action from start to finish with many highs, lows and even a bit of drama on the side. You can’t get a rush like this anywhere else so stop reading about it and get in it!

Final round will be raced on the 12th October 2017

Entries are available now for the next and final round of our Triple M Team Challenge. So get a few friends together and we look forward to seeing you out here trackside for some unbeatable action! Call Sales on 3826 2255 to enter