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Tag Team Challenge Round 2

Posted on January 26, 2022 by

Good evening and welcome to another unforgettable night of racing at Kingston Park Raceway, the best destination for go karting Brisbane. Tonight’s go karting event is the Triple M Tag Team Challenge. The stage was set with racing conditions on our 1100-meter lemans circuit. To qualify one driver from each team will hit the track and set a lap to see where they are going to start tonight’s race. 

With Qualifying done the team starting from pole, we have The Initials D With the fastest time of 61.167 placing it at the pointy end of the grid. As all teams start to get ready for the big 2-hour event the first driver of the teams jumps into the kart and heads out behind the pace kart waiting for the lights to go green. 

Pace karts pulls in and the lights go green, we are off and racing down into to turn one with The Initials Ds getting off to a clean start. Just holding onto the lead with all the drivers behind lining up waiting to get past. Oh no, The Twats have ended up driving into the tire wall costing his team a bit of time. The Initial Ds team is in to do their driver changes being the first team to do their kart change this will put them back into the pack hoping for the undercut to work. There goes a kart around at turn seven and it was Hold My Beer well the team’s name says it all. Premium Automotive out in front after the driver changes and holding a nice lead over the of the grid. 

CTS Motorsport is on a charge after starting in 9th is now sitting in 2nd place and now on the hunt for first place but just do not have the same pace as the leader. We have a new Lap Record broken 36 laps into the race Dylan Jones doing a 60.606 and it on the move back through the grid after doing the early kart change.  After the next round of kart changes Premium Automotive still holding a strong lead over the rest of the teams but is yet to do their kart change! The Skidmarks up into 2nd place but again is another team that is yet done to do their kart change! It’s not called the Tag Team Challenge for no reason. 

Down to the final minutes of the race! The battle is on for the lead Premium Automotive just needs to hold onto the lead for a little bit longer, but The Initials Ds team won’t back down and is following closely in pursuit of the leader. As they fight through the lap drivers, the Initial D’s managed to slip past Premium Automotive. The Initials Ds got a perfect exit out of turn eight and shot it down the main straight taking the lead of the race in the last 3 laps. The checkered flag is out, and The Initials Ds take the win for round 2. 

Top 3 off the night 

1st The Initials Ds (fastest lap 60.606) 

2nd Premium Automotive 

3rd Team Skidmarks

Top 3-point leaders 

1st Premium Automotive 118 points 

2nd Team Skidmarks 114 points 

3rd The Initial Ds 110 points 

To book your spot on the grid click here