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Tag Team Challenge Round 1

Posted on November 26, 2021 by

Tag Team Challenge Blog - ROUND 1 

WELCOME to another unforgettable night of racing at Kingston Park Raceway. This time we hit it up with our Triple M Tag Team Challenge. The stage was set with perfect racing conditions on our 1100-meter lemans circuit. As we all get ready for round one, a driver from each team will hit the track to set a lap time to see where they are going to start tonight’s race from.   

With Qualifying done, the team starting from the pole will be The Initial D’s with the fastest time of a 61.960. All teams get ready to hit the track in the two-by-two formation behind the pace kart, the pace kart pulls in and the lights go green as you hear the teammates telling their drivers ‘GO GO GO’ and they all head down into turn one. The Initial D’s get off to a great start just holding on to the lead as the grid up the front turns into a single file train; they have done this before, and they know it is a long race so it’s not worth it to make silly moves at the start of it.  

Team Skidmarks get a move on and move up into 2nd place as The Initial D’s out in front are unable to pull away from the grid and now, they’re under attack from 2nd place. Team Skidmarks gets the run coming out of turn eight and gets the pass done going down into turn one. Right away this starts to open a gap over the grid as the rest battle to get passed 2nd place. The Twats have now got their move on to get passed for 2nd place and after a quiet start from Premium Automotive, they charge back into the fight and get a clean pass at turn one to move themselves into 2nd place. But then, the pit window driver change starts to happen.   

After the driver changes have been done and all teams are back out on track, Premium Automotive is in the lead showing everyone how last year’s champions get it done. Brandon Whites Team is still in pit lane doing their driver change over, talking about their race, costing them lots of time out on track. Save the talking for later and get back out there! the time is ticking. TFI Racing after starting 9th on the grid have moved there way up into top 3 after all driver changes have been done.   

Out in front with a 30 second lead over the rest of the grid, Premium Automotive takes the checkered flag for tonights 2-hour races starting off 2021 strong and bagging maximum points. Bringing it home in 2nd place is Team Skidmarks and in 3rd place TFI Racing.   

The fastest team on the track tonight, running a time of 61.574, goes to Team Skidmarks   

1st Premium Automotive  

2nd Team Skidmarks   

3rd TFI Racing    

Well, that concludes our evening for Kingston Park Raceways Tag Team Challenge. If you and a mate think you got what it takes to take out the top spot on our coca cola podium, make sure you grab your tickets and come on down for the next round, until next time, keep the right pedal down! Thank you.