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​Sponsors Challenge 2017 - Round 5

Posted on November 21, 2017 by

Welcome to the Final Round, the Grand Final of the 2017 Sponsors Challenge Series. Back again to battle it out for the winner are Hit 105 who were the winners for round 4 of the 2017 series followed by the team from JJ Richards who were a close second in the round 4 of the series and with the returning teams of Loan Community Bank, R&J Batteries, Honda, Coca-Cola who are all revved up to get their team the points they need to move up the rankings in round 5 of the series

Are top 3 Teams leading into this round 1st Hit 105 Hitmen 2482 points 2nd Team R&J Batteries 2268 points 3rd JJ Richards 2210 points.  Very close between the top 3 teams giving anyone the chance to win tonight's Round 5 Sponsors Challenge.

Heat one is about to start leading the driver out onto track are Luke Henders(Honda) and Andrew J(Honda) locking out the front row. As they head out onto track gridding up in their two by two formation the pace kart pulls into the pits and the light go green and we are off and racing down into turn one. Graham Hartshorne(JJ Richards) with a great dive down the inside of the front runner into turn one jumping from 4th place into 1st in just one turn. Graham Hartshore(JJ Richards) makes an easy brake from the grid as now there all battling it out for 2nd place giving Graham Hartshorne(JJ Richards) a 6 second lead.

Nathan Heuschele(R&J) is one to watch tonight as he came from 17th on the grid to 2nd place within 2 laps now with his eyes on first place but he will have to wheel him in as he is 10 seconds down the road. Now as the grid opens up and drivers have room to race are top 2 drivers brake into the low 62s. Nathan Heuschele(R&J) is pushing on closing the gap to first place almost 2 seconds a lap also doing the fastest lap of the race 61.962. Oh no Mitch T(JJ Richards) has end up driving himself in the tyre wall at turn 2 that will cost him.

As we head into the final lap for heat one Graham Hartshorne(JJ Richards) still has a 2 second lead over 2nd place means the race is his if he keeps it on the lemans track. Now moving into 3rd place Ben Vincent(Hit 105). Leaders head on the main straight for their final lap with Graham HartShorne(JJ Richards) taking the win and Nathan Heuschele(R&J) 2nd and Ben Vincent(Hit 105) taking out 3rd. Fastest Driver of heat one is Nathan Heuschele(R&J) 61.962.

Heat two As drivers grid up to battle it out again this grid will be a revised  starting order from heat one giving everyone a fair go at taking it out. Leading the grid out on track this time we have Nathan Heuschele(R&J) and Nick Heuschele(R&J) leading the driver out onto track for heat two. The lights go green and we are off and racing with no change to the front row as they pull away from the grid right away not giving anyone the chance to overtake them. John Carter (Hit 105) with a great drive from the rear of the grid moving himself up into 7th place.

Now as the night gets cooler the Lemans track gets faster with the top 10 drivers all braking into the 62 second club. Oh no Rory S and Mitch T end up coming into one another now that’s not a good way to get points. As there been no change up the front of the grid with 1st and 2nd having a 10 second lead over the rest of the grid coming onto the main straight for  the final lap of heat 2 Nathan Heuschele (R&J) takes out first and Nick Heuschele (R&J) and 3rd goes to Blaen L (R&J). Fastest man of heat two was Nathan Heuschele(R&J) with a 62.194.

Heat three This is where the racing gets real! The drivers with the most points  will be starting in pole position, and they are Nathan Heuschele(R&J) and Graham Hartstore(JJ Richards). The lights go green and we are off racing again around lemans Nathan Heuschele(R&J) holds the lead but only just as there’s a whole train of drivers right behind wanting to get past. With a clean start of the race until turn 7 when Craig H(Honda) puts his go kart way to wide and end up facing the wrong way on his own.

Nathan Heuschele(R&J) is on the defence as he seems to be just off pace as everyone behind wanting to get past. From 1st place down to 8th place all drivers were almost bumper to bumper like Nascar who will be the first one to slip. Jason M(Logan Bank) go over being behind the group of drivers and tried to push his way pasted only to end up with the black flag dropping to the rear of the grid.

Oh no Nathan Heuschele(R&J) has run with letting some drivers past after holding the lead for so long, such a shame. As we head onto the main straight the checker flag is out and taking the win for heat three is Nick Heuschele(R&J) and 2nd Ben Vincent(Hit 105) and 3rd Nathan Heuschele(R&J). Fastest man for heat three is Ben Vincent(Hit 105 ) with a 63.063.

Grand Final    After some fast racing tonight we head back to the track for the grand final, leading the grid out onto track is Nathan Heuschele(R&J) and Nick Heuschele(R&J). The lights go green and we are off race one last time around the 1100 meter lemans. Nathan Heuschele(R&J) keeps the lead heading out of turn one.

As we are one lap down now the top 3 drivers are all with in a second of one another just waiting for one to make a mistake and make a gain but will it happen. Nathan Heuschele(R&J) leading the way but right behind we have Nick Heuschele(R&J) and Ben Vincent(Hit 105) as all drivers are hitting there apex perfect. Ben Vincent(Hit 105) end up going in to deep and out braked himself and that let throw Jack Vincent(Hit 105) up into 3rd place now.

Oh no Craig H(Honda) has ran wide driving around turn 2 ends up taking out the tyre wall dropping him down the grid. As we head into are final lap once again are top 10 driver all brake into the 62 second club. The leaders head onto the main straight there checker flag is out and Nathan Heuschele(R&J) takes the win for the Grand Final coming in 2nd Nick Heuschele(R&J) and 3rd Jack Vincent(Hit 105). Fastest man on track Jack Vincent(Hit 105) 62.390.

Winners of the night

  1. R&J Batteries 640 points
  2. Hit 105 Hitmen 596 points
  3. Honda 490 points

Winners of the year

  1. Hit 105 Hitmen - 3078 points
  2. R & J Batteries - 2908 points
  3. JJ Richards - 2668 points
  4. Logan Community Bank - 2334 points
  5. Honda - 2266 points
  6. Coca Cola - 2240 points

Thank you all the teams and drivers who competed in this year’s series and we can’t wait to see our sponsors back for the 2018 series which will kick off in early 2018. To enquire about getting your company on the grid in 2017 please call our event sales team on 3826 2255.