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Sponsors Challenge Rd 3 2020

Posted on August 12, 2020 by

Heat one, all drivers head out onto track gridding up behind the pace kart wait for those lights to go green and leading them into turn one is Jeremy Bramley. Aaron Matterson was a man on a mission, driving from the rear and going around the outside of the pack at turn one and exiting in P 5. There was also plenty of pressure up the front with putting the squeese on Jeremy Bramley could not hold on and gave the lead away.  But our biggest mover is Ben Vincent who has chaged up 10 spots and is now sitting in 3rd and in the process puts down the fastest lap of the race with a 62 second lap time. Further back in the pack the pace is fierce and for Bendigo Bank newcomer Sophie W it was too much, and she found herself gentle parked in the tire wall. Last lap, Checker flag is out, and Nick Heuschele takes the win for heat one.

Heat two, all drivers hit the track but this time the grid is in reserve order, so we have Lighting Ben Vincent leading the way. Lights go green and we are off sliding down into turn one with Ben Vincent getting of to a ripper start whilst the rest of the grid try and find their position on the track. Leighton Atkinson end up bumping into his own teammate Nick Heuschele causing Leighton to drop down the grid but that didn’t phase Nick who continued his charge from the rear of the field.  Oh no Jeremy Bramley has turned his kart inside out and ended up facing the wrong way as the fast paced gaggle of karts approached. It’s the last lap and out in front we have Jack Vincent eyeing off first place and he sets up the fast chicanes at 7 and slips down the inside and secures a win from Ben Vincent as they drag race over the finish line

Heat 3, All drivers grid up in the point base order with the drivers with the most points leading them out onto track. Ben Vincent leads the to the green light and we are off racing down into turn one with Ben no getting the best start and dropping down into the pack. Jack Vincent leads the way but has 2 R&J Batteries drivers glued to his rear bar waiting to get past. Holding 3rd and trying for a late brake Logan Conn has spun his kart at turn one leaning a valuable lesson about running into turn a little to hot.

The laps count down and Nathan Heuschele puts the move on Jack Vincent for the lead and made the move stick and joining the freight train was Nick Heuschele and just like that Jack is now in 3rd place. Now both 1st and 2nd start pulling away from the rest of the grid and have a battle of their own. Checker flag is out, and Nick Heuschele gives it one last push ands takes the lead just before the line dropping Nathan back two 2nd places.

Final, here we go last race of the night with all drivers ready to go in the point base order leading them out onto track is Nick Heuschele. The pace kart leads them around on a recon lap and as he enters the pit lane lights go green and we are off and racing down into turn one with Nathan Heuschele taking the lead early. Everyone has warmed up and are running at a cracker pace and we start to see some 61 second lap times from the leaders. But the hot pace is tolling on some and Josh Geatches runs off the at 3 and slips down the grid. The battle is on for 2nd as Ben Vincent gets past Nick Heuschele who tucks in behind for slip stream down the main straight. Lachlan Stewart has driven well all night and makes his move on Aaron Matterson and steals 4th place and now only 1 second behind 2nd and 3rd.

 But time runs out on Lachlan and the Checker flag is out, Nathan Heuschele takes the win for the final race of tonight in the Kingston Park Raceway Sponsors Challenge.

Individual Points:

1st Nathan Heuschele 230 points (fastest lap 61.3)

2nd Nick Heuschele 230

3rd Ben Vincent 220

Top 3 teams for the night

1st B105 Bandits 624 points

2nd Team R&J Batteries 614 points

3rd Coca Cola 568 points

Top 3 leading after this round

1st B105 Bandits 1248 points

2nd R&J Batteries 1104 points

3rd Coca Cola 1074 points

So the series has 3 down and 2 to go and it is still a battle between any of the top 3 teams to see who will be crowned Kingston Park Raceway Sponsors Challenge Champion in 2020

Thank you all for coming and see you all again soon for round 3 on the 8th October 2020