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Posted on June 17, 2021 by

Sponsors Challenge 16-05-2019

Good Evening and welcome to Kington Park Raceways Sponsors Challenge! Tonight we welcomed all of our sponsors to come down for what will be a Hell of a Night Out, unfortunately a team from one of our sponsors, JJ Richards could not make it this evening leaving the other sponsor teams eager to get those points for their group and to get out there racing!

Going straight into the first of four Heats now! With all ready and set they all head out on track to start their warm up lap. As the pace kart peels back into the pit lane, the Sponsor Challenge drivers continue down the main straight waiting for the lights at the end to go green. Green comes on and go go go! Into the first corner they all bunch up but coming out of it was Nick Heuschelle from Team R & J Batteries leading to way as himself and the rest of the pack make their way into the second corner. A little bit of bumping from the group as they all fight their way to try and get their positions! Coming down the main straight Karts 10 and 3, Nathan Heuschelle and Nick Heuschelle are side by side one another, racing down to the first corner but Nathan Heuschelle makes a move on the inside and comes out 1st ahead of his brother. Meanwhile at the back of the pack, driver Ayle.G from Coca Cola manages to spin herself out at turn 7 placing her in 15th position and a lot of ground to catch up on. With 4 laps to go Karts 31 and 8 who are Sean Cho from Hit 105 Hitmen and Ayla.G and seeing themselves getting overlapped by the leading drivers as they head into Turn 7 of the Lemans Track. Driver Nick Heuschelle is slowly getting chased after as he tries to defend his current 2nd spot as Lindsay Barrie from Logan Community Bank is making his way after him, slowly catching and finally touching the back of Nicks kart, Nick Heuschelle knows he’s in trouble now! Desperately defends his position, but only to be in vain as Lindsay Barrie passes Nick down the straight and out of the first corner placing Nick Heuschlle in 3rd spot. With Nathan Heuschelle leading with a 10 second gap ahead of the rest of the pack, the chequred flag comes down for Nathan Heuschelle signalling the end of the first Heat of the Sponsors challenge, Lindsay Barrie finishing 2nd and Nick Heuschelle in 3rd.

After a lengthy break and all Sponsors ready to go we head straight into the second Heat. As the pace kart comes back in, Mathew Barrie from Logan Community Bank takes off a little too early before the green lights came on!? Giving him a little head start against the rest of the drivers but not for long as a few drivers make a pass on Mathew Barrie on the inside of the 4th turn of the Lemans track. With the pack trying to get into position, it’s a little bit of carnage as Patrick.K from Hit 105 Hitmen almost gets taken out around turn 2, while that was happening Nick Heuschelle hits the tyres at turn 3 trying to make a pass but only for the gap to close up on him, causing him to lose a few valuable positions. Only a few laps to go now and our leaders are only 3 second between one another, but a Nick Heuschelle seeks redemption as he weaves his way through traffic on the main straight and makes a great pass past two go karts to steal 3rd position from Kevin O’connel. Into the final lap now and a fourway battle has emerged for 4th position between Kevin O’connell, John Carter, Graham Dawe and Mathew Barrie but Kevin does well to hold his position as the flag waves for Lindsay Barrie 1st, Nathan Heuschelle 2nd and Nick Heuschelle in 3rd.




Another much needed break for our Sponsors and all refreshed and ready to go, we head out to begin our Heat 3 where driver with the most amount of points are leading the charge! Starting the warm up lap and Ayla.G spins herself out?! The race hasn’t even begun yet?! But Ayla.G quickly corrects herself and caught up with the rest of the group. Down the main straight the go and the green lights come alive once again! Leading the way we have Nathan Heuschelle but following close behind is his brother Nick, a brotherly battle this will be. 6 to go a little incident at turn 4 between two go karts, somehow getting themselves caught up on the grass, one manage to fix themselves but the other had to have a track marshall to help. Going back to the brotherly battle at the front, drivers Nathan and Nick Heuschelle making their way through some traffic all while Nathan defends his 1st position. 3 laps to go now and Nick Heuschelle is still right behind his brother Nathan but following just 7 seconds behind is driver Kevin O’connell doing his best attempting to catch up to the Heuschelle brothers, but coming down to the final lap of the race and Nick Finally sees the opportunity and takes it passing his brother around turn 5 and winning Heat 3! Great race that was between the two brothers! Only 3 tenths of a second between Nick and Nathan, Nick Heuschelle 1st, Nathan Heuschelle 2nd and Kevin O’connell 3rd.

Now for the Finale! With all sponsor drivers ready to go, they head out for the final warmup lap for the evening. Green lights come on and off they go! Grouping up as the head around turn one of the Lemans Track and into turn 2, driver Lachlan.S from Logan Community Bank accidently spins out a driver at turn 2 resulting in him getting into a bit of trouble, meanwhile just ahead some tyres at turn 3 get sent flying from one of the drivers taking that corner a little too wide! 6 to go and Nick Heuschelle who was doing very well in the first 3 Heats is losing a few positions while at the front of the group his brother Nathan is trying to keep Lindsay Barrie at bay. 3 to go now and Lindsay Barrie right up Nathan Heuschelle’s bumper, another driver Mathew Barrie makes a move inside turn 1 to catch up to leaders and touches HIS brother bumper! A battle of brothers this Sponsor Challenge has been. Only 1 second is the difference between the top 3 drivers but Nathan takes turn 5 a little too wide leaving just enough room for Lindsay Barrie to slip right underneath Nathan and steal 1st position on their second last lap! With Linsday Barrie leading and Nathan Heuschelle and Mathew Barrie following closely behind it was going to be a hell of a finish, Lindsay being very careful not make a wrong move with his race lines as he defend his 1st position. As we all thought that the race was finally over the top 3 had a little traffic coming up as they head into turn 7, carefully making their way through Lindsay Barrie slowed down just a little too much and Nathan steals 1st spot at turn 8 on THE LAST LAP and wins the race!!! How exciting was that last lap!? How exciting was that final?! A great last race that was from all our Sponsor Challenge drivers but crossing first was a fortunate win by Nathan Heuschelle followed by Lindsay Barrie for second and Mathew Barrie in third.

1st Nathan Heuschelle - 236pts – 61.814sec

2nd Lindsay Barrie – 228pts- 61.263sec

3rd Mathew Barrie – 206pts – 61.532sec

 We hope that all of our Sponsor Challenge drivers enjoyed themselves this evening and thank all for being here with us this evening. Hope to see you all again for Round 3 of the Sponsors Challenge for a Hell of a Night Out!