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Sponsors Challenge 2018 - Round 2

Posted on May 22, 2018 by

Welcome back trackside once again here at Kingston Park Raceway for Round 2 of our Sponsors Challenge! This is an exclusive event we put on for our valued sponsors every so often for a bit of competitive fun between the teams. How it works is we have three people per team in a sprint based event each racing for position. At the end of all four heats the points are tallied and the teams combined points are totalled to determine our winning team for the night. Our sponsors who are joining us here tonight are Coca-Cola, Logan Community Bank, Hit 105, Brisbane Lawyers, JJ Richards, R&J Batteries and TechPath. The night went down something like this...

As we began heat one the veteran drivers of the event quickly found their way to the front as the newcomers settled in and got a handle on how the track and the karts work and being surrounded by so many vets made it just that much easier for them to get into the grove and find the pace. We saw racing from the front of the grid to the back, full on hard and fast racing. The drivers overall kept it clean with only a couple of contact calls from drivers Kevin O’Connel from TechPath and Elvio Dizane from Logan Community Bank. Across the line to conclude the first heat and we have John Carter from Hit 105 in 3rd, Nick Watkins from TechPath in 2nd and Wayne Fordyce from Coca-Cola taking away the win in 1st.

After a short break we are straight back into it with heat two and things really start heating up out track as we flip the starting order to give everyone a fair go. And right away we have issues with a few of the quicker guys fighting their way through the pack with a 6-kart pileup on turn two! Not even one lap in and now we have a few of our front runners with a lot of work ahead of them. As the laps tick down the action sure doesn’t as lap after lap battle after battle all through the field there is no relenting from any of the drivers as they all try to grab and hold one more position. And in the case of 3rd position we have a three-way battle between Brandon Madden from Brisbane Lawyers, Brad Wilkinson from R&J Batteries and Andrew Saint from Hit 105. Over and under, back and forth, none of them giving an inch until the chequered flag drops and Brandon Madden from Brisbane Lawyers takes the 3rd position. Kevin O’Connell from TechPath takes 2nd and Scott Gardner from Hit 105 takes the win in 1st.

Heat three begins and boy is it messy! Heat three is almost always the most dangerous heat as everyone has settled in, everyone is racing hard and I’m not 100% sure but I think sometimes some people forget the rules. Good thing we have a black flag for such instances and the first and only person to receive it tonight was Brad Wilkinson from R&J Batteries for spinning a driver after attempting a bomb dive pass at turn seven. Even after a few more minor incidences and a fair few warnings dished out over pit wall the race was solid and close with 95% of the field on pace and overall not a large gap between drivers anywhere.

Moves are made, succeed and sometimes defended but at the end of it we saw Brandon Madden from Brisbane Lawyers take 3rd, Wayne Fordyce from Coca-Cola take 2nd and John Carter from Hit 105 walking away with the win in 1st.

Time now for the main event, the final race out here tonight for these drivers and the points are that close almost anyone can still take the win home tonight. Off the start and its right into the action as the scramble begins, Brandon Madden from Brisbane Lawyers takes and early lead as the battle for second begins to unfold behind him. Scott Gardner from Hit 105, Nick Watkins from TechPath, John Carter also from Hit 105 and Scott Andriske from Brisbane Lawyers chop and change, under and over, back and forth, all trying to grab and hold that second position. In the end we see Nick Watkins from TechPath win out and start chasing down the leader. As the battle behind now for 3rd continues Nick Watkins from TechPath manages to catch and pass Brandon Madden from Brisbane Lawyers to take the lead. Not only that but Scott Gardner from Hit 105 also breaks from the fight and manages to catch and pass Brandon Madden from Brisbane Lawyers to take 2nd. As the battle continues behind John Carter from Hit 105 finally gets the breakaway and charges onward to try to catch a spot on the podium but unfortunately it was too little too late and across the line 1st was Nick Watkins from TechPath! 2nd place was Scott Gardner from Hit 105 after a very hard battle and charge and taking home 3rd in the final was Brandon Madden from Brisbane Lawyers who just couldn’t hold onto the lead in the latter half of the race. 

Overall winners for tonight were: 
1st – Brandon Madden from Brisbane Lawyers – 222pts 
2nd – Nick Watkins from TechPath – 214pts 
3rd – John Carter from Hit 105 – 212pts 
Fastest lap of the night went to Scott Gardner from Hit 105 with a 61.811 

Current point standing for the series: 
Brisbane Lawyers – 1162 
Hit 105 – 1132 
TechPath – 1076 
R&J Batteries – 900 
JJ Richards – 868 
Coca-Cola – 836 
Logan Community Bank – 745 

We hope you all enjoyed the unbeatable action out here on track as always and we are sure we’ll see you all out here trackside for the round 3 of our sponsors challenge. Now if you’re reading this and think “hey this all sounds pretty sweet” then get on that phone and call our sales team on 3826 2222 and ask about a booking for you, your family, your friends, your work colleagues or anything else! Come join us for some fast fun out here on track at Kingston Park Raceway, where everyone loves to race!