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Sponsors Challenge 2018 - Round 1

Posted on November 24, 2021 by

Good evening and welcome to another unbeatable night racing here at Kingston Park Raceway! Today we kicked off round 1 of our 2018 sponsors challenge series with 21 drivers in teams of three representing their companies and our amazing sponsors. Coca Cola, Logan Community Bank, Hit 105, Brisbane Lawyers, JJ Richards, R&J Batteries and TechPath. Our sponsors never seem to disappoint with hard, fast and cutthroat racing and tonight was no exception, so let’s dive right in and see how it played out.

With everyone geared up and ready to go our drivers roll out behind the pace kart for the start of heat number one. The pace kart pulls in, green light comes alive and they are off! Wasting no time getting stuck in we see three wide into turn one, turn two, turn three! When will it end as the whole field is bumper to bumper for most of the race. You know what they say, rubbin’s racing but only to an extent and our drivers tonight are pushing that boundary leaving almost no wriggle room. As expected something had to give and around goes Chris Adams from TechPath at turn 2. The black flag come out for the first time as a result and we see Scott Gardner, from Hit 105 join us in pitlane to have a chat about the incident. After a chaotic race Troy Adams from TechPath takes the win trying to make up for what happened to his team mate. Brandon Madden from Brisbane Lawyers in second and Ryan Cochran from JJ Richards taking third. Fastest lap was Callum Harty from TechPath with a 62.370.

Kicking off heat two now and we see a similar story with the field getting right into it, not being afraid to share a little bit of rubber. It’s all fun and games until someone ends up in pit lane having a chat and that’s what happened to both Graham Hartshorne from JJ Richards and Chris Adams from TechPath. Both spinning out drivers and a quick lesson to Chris that payback is not the way to go…to the back of the field. Some amazing battles otherwise throughout the race, one of which was for third place with John Carter from Hit 105 and Nathan Heuschele from R&J Batteries, in the end John inched it out at the line to take that third spot. Second was Brandon Madden from Brisbane Lawyers once again and across the line in first was Arrin Irvine, also from Brisbane Lawyers. Fastest lap this heat was Graham Hartshorne from JJ Richards with a 62.395.

Heat three now and with warnings given as well as pressure building the race can go one of two ways, with the way the night has unfolded so far, I’ll let you guess how it goes…If you guessed even more chaotic then you’re almost on the money. With a few accidents at turns 8, 1 and 2 we surprisingly didn’t see any black flags this heat as they were all a solid group effort. Through all of it though we had some amazing battles, too many to put on this blog but you should have seen it. Some awesome racing out here tonight by our sponsors. One to highlight this heat was Scott Gardner from Hit 105 who worked his way through the field, duked it out with Nathan Heuschele from R&J Batteries and inched it out by less than a tenth of a second at the line to steal away first place. Nathan, after that back and forth battle took out second and Blaen Lowien, also from R&J Batteries grabbed third on the last lap from Brandon Madden from Brisbane Lawyers. Fastest lap this heat was Scott Gardner from Hit 105 with a blinding 61.831.

Here it is, the final for tonight’s racing. Anyone who has raced a final here at Kingston Park Raceway knows that all finals here are a single black flag disqualification and there is no exception here. Barely 2 laps in and there goes that black flag. Not just for one driver but for two of them! Even after all the warnings they still drove it a little too hard but that’s the risk you must take sometimes when the racing is so tight. Unfortunately, it was a short race for both Tony Cornell from Logan Community Bank and Graham Hartshorne from JJ Richards. Once again however we see Scott Gardner from Hit 105 make his way through the field and put up a fight for first challenging Nathan Heuschele from R&J Batteries. A bit of a rivalry sprouting here it seems and will be one to watch in the coming rounds. Behind them we have a 4-way battle for third position with Brandon Madden from Brisbane Lawyers holding off the onslaught of John Carter from Hit 105, Troy Adams from TechPath and Blaen Lowien from R&J Batteries. Into the final stretch and Scott Gardner gives it a solid go but Nathan Heuschele just manages to hold off this time for the win. Scott taking second place and Brandon Madden just holding on to take home third. Fastest lap was a 61.254 which is also the fastest lap of the night done by Chris Adams from TechPath.

Winners on the night:
Brandon Madden – 226pts
Nathan Heuschele – 216pts

Scott Gardner – 204pts

Overall Team Scores:
Brisbane Lawyers – 590pts
R&J Batteries – 556pts
Hit 105 – 518pts
TechPath – 516pts
JJ Richards – 482pts
Logan Community Bank – 350pts

Coca Cola – 348

And that about wraps it up for our Sponsors Challenge here tonight. Some super exciting racing tonight with plenty more to come throughout the season. Don’t forget if you want to get the crew together and get amongst all the unstoppable action here at the raceway just hit up our sales team on 07 3826 2255 and we hope to see you out here on track soon!