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Scouts Australia - Tag Team Challenge Round 1

Posted on January 16, 2018 by

Hello and welcome back to Kingston Park Raceway for the first tag team endurance race of 2018. For this round 1 we saw 51 drivers from Scouts Australia come down for some hard and fast racing in the scorching Queensland summer heat. After the 3 practices races the drivers were divided into 17 teams of 3 drivers doing 3x7 lap stints. Starting at pit bay no.1 we had the Red Team, no.2 Green Team, no.3 Gold Team, no.4 Blue Team, no.5 Orange Team, no.6 Purple Team, no.7 Black Team, no.8 Yellow Team, no.9 White Team, no.10 Indigo Team, no.11 Magenta Team, no.12 Ultraviolet, no.13 Turquoise Team, no.14 Teal Team, no. 15 Aqua Team, no.16 Grey Team, no.17 Ultramarine Team. With all the drivers now in their teams it was time to run over the pit lane procedures and pace kart briefing.

Now it was time to get the main race going with all the first drivers seated in the go karts and teams going over final tactics for the start of the race. The 30 second warnings rang out through pit lane and it was time to start your engines. As the karts fired into life, the marshal in the pace kart was doing a few flying laps to demonstrate the course and build the adrenaline to the drivers back in pit lane.

The drivers were given the signal to head out on track to begin the formation lap. As the pace kart came back into pitlane the drivers headed down the main straight to begin the race. For the first few laps of the race the drivers were getting the feel for the karts and track and also seeing their fellow drivers standing in pitlane cheering them on to drive faster.

The Black team responded to the cheering by setting the fast lap on lap 3 with a 66.364, now the question was put to the Black team is that going to be fast enough to win the race? At the end of the 6th lap the drivers came in for the first of 9 drivers change overs. 

With the first change overs complete the Black, Yellow and White teams showed the other teams that they were serious and wanted to win the race with doing the fastest and smoothest driver change overs. The second driver from team Ultraviolet put the question to the black team, can you win? By setting the new fastest lap with 65.975. At the second change over the Teal team jumped a few positions by putting their fastest driver in. He responded to the challenge from the Ultraviolet team to claim the fastest lap and 3 laps into his first stint he achieved the new fastest lap with a 65.577 on lap 17.

After the third driver change over the smooth driving from the teams started to show cracks with drivers making silly mistakes by driving too deep into turn 1 and crashing into the tyres. The biggest crash in the first third of the race went to team Ultraviolet who buried the kart at turn 1. After being rescued from the tyres the driver made his way back around the track and to make sure that it was his driving that caused the first crash he attempted the same line and resulted in him being buried under the tyres again at turn 1. While the Ultraviolet team was busy crashing the Black team were trying to reclaim the fastest lap and 2 laps before the next change over they achieved the new fastest lap and what could possibly be the fastest of the race with a 65.190. At the Forth change over the Black, Yellow and White teams entered into pitlane in that order and left in that order. As the leading drivers went back out onto the track the Yellow team crashed into the tyres at turn 1 and relinquished 2nd place to the White team. With the Yellow team out of the top 3 the Gold team moved into 3rd place at the halfway point of the race. Just before the 5th driver change over the Ultraviolet team showed that they want the fastest lap back from the Black team with a 65.243 which wasn’t quite enough to take it back. The Red team started to feel the fatigue of a fast-paced race with their driver crashing into the tyres at turn 7 and picked them up with the front of the go kart.

Now with only a third of the race remaining we are beginning the pointy end of the race which will determine which team is going to win. With more and more drivers crashing, fatigue from the race was beginning to show even more as they race carried on. The Black team had a 20 second lead over the Teal team who were closing in on the lead. With the Black team being caught in the traffic from other teams crashing and their own driver mistakes they were allowing the Teal and Gold Teams to close the gap to less than 10 seconds. As the Black team were crossing the finish line the Teal and Gold Teams were entering turn 8 to begin the sprint for second place and the Gold team got the line wrong coming out of turn 8 which allowed the Teal team to open up a 1 second gap at the checkered flag.

  • 1st Place – Teal Team
  • 2nd Place – Black Team
  • 3rd Place – Gold Team

Fastest Lap – Black Team with a 65.190 second lap.

With the race over, it was time to calculate the lap penalties and by pitting incorrectly the Black team lost 1st place to the Teal team who completed the race with no mistakes.