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Race Night Results - Week 32

Posted on July 30, 2021 by

Friday Night Challenge Race Results - Week 32

A big CONGRATULATIONS goes to Dean Ferguson, Cooper Mcclymont, Christopher Jesse, Peter Appleton, Justin Price, Travis Geshwend, Nick Gregory and Johnathan Appleton for making it through to the Super Final in the Friday night challenge.  All these drivers battled it out with 24 other amazing drivers through several heats and only the top 8 drivers of the night earned their place in the Super Final. All the drivers were keen and excited for an action packed, adrenaline filled Friday night challenge and Super Final.

Hearts pumping, palms sweating, emotions high as the drivers come down the main straight waiting for the green light. The crowd on the Le Mans fence line were cheering them all on friend and foes alike. Lights go GREEN and he race is ON! It was Dean Ferguson taking off like a ROCKET, Cooper McClymont was hot on his heels. Christopher Jesse stealing 2nd place by turn 3. Johnathan Appleton dives on Travis Geshwend around turn 5 successfully.  Justin Price gaining 4 positions after the first lap, an admirable effort, Nick Gregory not far behind him. Travis Geshwend with the return dive on Johnathan Appleton but he just can’t get it to stick. Peter Appleton overtakes Justin Price in a criss cross around turn 2. There was a 3-way battle around turn 3 and 4, Peter Appleton sticks to the inside as Travis Geshwend and Justin Price fight it out. Dean Ferguson was zooming around the track getting further and further from the pack as he is in a race of his own!

HALFWAY! It was upsetting for Justin Price as he lost 2 places around turn 4 with a slight error in his racing line causes him to slide just a little too much. Cooper McClymont was hot on the heels of Christopher Jesse with only one goal on his mind, WINNING. Nick Gregory side by side with Johnathan Appleton as they shoot down the main straight, Johnathan Appleton making a crucial error around turn 1 as Nick takes 7th place from him and flies past giving him a cheeky laugh and grin. It was Dean Ferguson with an impressive 7 second gap and only increasing as he was perfecting that racing line. All the action was on Peter Appleton, Justin Price and Travis Geshwend duking it out all around the track, not one person giving an inch. COOPER MCCLYMONT taking 2nd place from Christopher Jesse around turn 8 in an incredible comeback from Cooper. Gearbox on gearbox, bumper to bumper coming into turn 1 and it was Justin Price who dive bombed the inside to gain a position over Travis Geshwend who left the door open for him.

Last lap of the Super Final, Dean Ferguson not even phased by his competition zoomed off, Cooper McClymont and Christopher Jesse were pushing each other to their absolute limit as they threw their pride on the line to prove who was the better driver. Johnathan Appleton and Nick Gregory had their go karts pushed to the limit as they fought around the track, Nick Gregory was not giving him any openings. Flying down the main straight with one hand in the air was Dean Ferguson taking the checkered flag. Cooper McClymont zooming past to take 2nd. Christopher Jesse shaking his head as he grabbed 3rd place. There was an explosion of cheers coming from the fence line as the Peter Appleton, Justin Price and Travis Geshwend came flying down the main straight almost side by side and the checkered flag was waving, all drivers leaning forward hoping to give themselves an edge but it was Peter Appleton taking 4th place. Justin Price a fraction of a second behind him to get 5th place and Travis Geshwend with a heartbreaking 6th place as he fought so hard. Nick Gregory whooping as he flew into 7th place and Johnathan Appleton stoked with himself as he took 8th. All drivers at the end showed great sportsmanship, appraising each other, giving tips and pointers as they shook hands and cheered. The top 3 fastest drivers of the night were Dean Ferguson with a 60.437, Cooper Mcclymont with a 61.122 and Peter Appleton with a 61.199

A major thank you for all the drivers and supporters who came racing for yet another great, amazing, exiting hell of a night out at Kingston Park Raceways Friday night challenge. If you are interested in a fun, fast, adrenaline fueled night of racing make sure you sign up for a Friday night challenge. Be sure to check out the website kingstonpark.com.au or give our friendly team a call on (07) 3826 2255 for more information or enquiries.