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Pro Series Results May 2019

Posted on January 21, 2022 by

Pro Series 31.05.2019


Good evening and welcome to another adrenaline fuelled, action packed night of racing here at Kingston Park Raceway for Round 4 of our 2019 Pro Series. Cold and fast was the setup for tonight with temperatures coming down and winter blowing in. It did make for some insane lap times and some of the best racing we have seen all year thus far. Fifteen drivers took up the mantle of Kingston Park Pro Series here tonight to compete for trophies, prizes and of course bragging rights of being the best of the best. So lets now dive right in and see how the night played out.

The pace kart veers off and into pit lane, suddenly the green lights are alive and we are off racing for Heat One. Shaun Vincent holds the lead coming out of turn one and into turn two, as the rest of the field bunches up its looking like its going be an interesting one and it is as into turn two almost the entire grid decides its a good idea to bunch up and go four wide into the turn which is never a good idea. Andrew Barnes gets looped around and Jason Rogers gets caught up in the mess as well as the remainder of the drivers narrowly make it through without getting involved themselves. The battle for the lead became increasingly interesting as the race went on, first with Matthew Laurie catching Shaun Vincent and taking the lead from him through turn seven. Next was Josh McLeod making headway and managing to snatch second from Shaun through turn one. Josh McLeod now making headway towards the leader with the first 60 second lap time of the night. Glen Frohloff who was in 4th finally managed to catch Shaun Vincent in the closing laps of the race and just managed to get by on the last lap through turn one to steal third. Josh McLeod almost made it happen for first but just ran out of time and securing 2nd. It was Matthew Laurie though who took home 1st place in Heat number one.

Heat two now and right out the gate its all on as Josh McLeod, like the Blues Brothers on a mission. He quickly carves his way to the lead in the opening stages of the race then seemingly vanishes off into the distance. The battle for second opens right up though with Braydon Bateman and Stefan Lawrence switching back and forth battling lap after lap. Also looking back in the field there is a cutthroat battle for eighth between Matthew Laurie, Glen Frohloff, Austin Rogers and John Buchanan as they lock themselves in and battle back and forth throughout giving the field up ahead some breathing space to break away. Up the front Stefan Lawrence manages to take second place from Brayden Bateman though turn five but cant hold it for long as Brayden comes back through turn seven to take second back. Last lap now and Josh McLeod sails across the line with a massive 10 second lead laying down the gauntlet with a 60.191 lap time. Braydon Bateman holds off Stefan Lawrence to come across the line in second but only just as Stefan crosses side by side Braydon to take third in Heat number two.

Heat three and the action never stops here as Stefan Lawrence is out to prove a point as he hard charges from sixth position all the way to the lead, all in the first lap! Then, he just vanishes and in the process he sets the quickest lap of the night with a scorching 60.179, thats just 0.442 off the lap record! Josh McLeod who started on pole is having a rough time this race as he is struggling to push under a 61 and the opposition are all over him with Matthew Laurie taking second around turn five on lap three and then Connor Wright making a move on lap five into turn one. Josh managed to hold off Braydon Bateman across the line at the end for fourth place. Matthew and Connor lock wheels in a head to head battle in the final moments of the race which Matthew just narrowly holding on to take second with a miniscule 0.076 second gap to Connor who comes away with third in heat three.

Its now time for the ever looming and anticipated Final, all eyes hit the track to plan and prepare their strategy to come out with the win. The Pace Karts peel in and right out of the gate we see Stefan Lawrence right on the hammer of Josh McLeod giving him a push into turn one so they can come out with first and second off of the first corner, a solid strategy. Braydon Bateman off of fifth also has a blinder of a start getting right up into third by turn three and then taking second from Stefan Lawrence through turn five, he is now putting the pressure on Josh McLeod for the lead. As the three of them battle it out, Steven Bull has been making his way through the field cleanly and professionally and now joins the mix making it a four way battle for the lead with only a few laps to go. Stefan Lawrence decides now is the time seeing as Steven Bull is starting to put on the pressure Stefan makes a move on Braydon through turn three and four, a little rough but clean enough and takes back second place. Only one lap remaining and Stefan is all over the bumper of Josh just waiting and hoping for an opportunity to make a move, its not coming easy so he decides to force the issue with an extremely brave and risky dive into turn seven almost taking both Josh and himself out of the race but he pulls it off and take the chequered flag for the Final Pro Series Race for the night. Josh coasts across for second after a hard-fought battle just 0.016 behind. The last lap battle continues behind them with Braydon Bateman only just managing to hold off the hard charging Steven Bull across the line.

Winners of the night are based on overall points from each of the four races.

1st  Josh McLeod 230pts  60.191

2nd  Stefan Lawrence 220pts 60.179

3rd Matthew Laurie 216pts  61.268

That wraps up another exhilarating Pro Series for the month of May here at Kingston Park Raceway. Remember, this is an Invite Only Event but anyone can qualify by doing under a 62.5 second lap time around our 1100m International Standard Le Mans Track on any given day. As always, we would like to thank everyone for coming out tonight and making this amazing event happen and we look forward to seeing you back out here again for Round 5 of the 2019 Pro Series on 28th June at Kingston Park Raceway where everyone loves to race.

If you want to qualify for the Invite only Pro Series why not come on down and race on a real Race Track, bring your mates and make a day of it, take on Friday Night Challenge every Friday Night or secure your entry into to the Triple M Tag Team Challenge on 13th June by calling out friendly Sales Team on 07 3826 2255.