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One Hour Enduro Results June 2020

Posted on July 6, 2021 by

One Hour Enduro 25/06/2020


Welcome to another night of racing here at Kingston Park Raceway tonight events is a 1 hour race were the drivers take on the challenge of the 1100 meter Lemans in are new Honda powered karts and the driver must take one stop within the race to do there kart change over and then take that go kart to the checker flag.

As Qualifying is now done and we get ready to hit the track with Dylan Jones fastest light weight and Beau Coplick fastest heavy weight leading the grid out onto track. The pace kart is in and the lights go green and we are off racing down into turn one with Dylan Jones holding on the lead and Robert Dair getting a ripper of a start going from 5th straight on the back of 2nd place Beau Coplick.

It did not take long for Robert Dair to put a move on Beau Coplick moving Robert onto the back of the leader Dylan Jones. Now the battle is on for the lead as Robert Dair right on the back of Dylan Jones not letting him get away with both drivers braking into the 61s and pulling away from the rest of the grid. Are biggest mover in the grid is Daniel Martin starting 18th has already moved him self into the top 10 will he have what it takes to get to the front.

Leading the way for the heavy weights in 3rd overall is Victor Assedjian and now pit lane is open and Brent Christofferson and Daniel Martin go for the early stop and trying to get the undercut on the rest of the grid. Out in front Dylan Jones and Robert Dair are so Evan they just keep swapping places almost every lap putting on a good show.

Luke Howard has now taken the lead away from Victor Assedjian for the heavy weights and pulls a gap right away. The Leaders are in for there kart change only one lap apart not letting the other driver get away. Oh no Robert Dair is held up battle some lapped drivers on his out lap letting Dylan Jones take the lead and for the first time in this hole race he has some breathing room. Daniel Martin with the undercut work for him as the other driver have made there stops, he has moved himself into 2nd place coming from 18th place at the start of the race what a drive.

Dylan Jones has just done the fastest lap of the race as he opens his lead doing a 60.981 now that is fast. Fastest Heavy weight on track is Luke Howard 61.634 showing some speed.

The checker flag is out, And the Winner for the Light Weights is Dylan Jones with a 7 second lead over Daniel Martin and coming 3rd Robert Dair 

Heavy Weights Luke Howard takes the win with Daniel Young 2nd and in 3rd Victor Assedjian.


 Light Weights

1st Dylan Jones (fastest lap 60.9)

2nd Daniel Martin

3rd Robert Dair

Heavy weights

1st Luke Howard (fastest lap 61.6)

2nd Daniel Young

3rd Victor Assedjian

Well that concludes another exciting night here at Kingston Park Raceway and is the end to our second round in 2020 for the 1-hour enduro it’s always good to see familiar faces come down to tackle the track and new competition take it to them. If you think you got what it takes to take it to these amazing drivers make sure you get down for round 3 of the series to see if you are fast enough to take the top step on the coca cola podium. Until than I hope we all have one hell of a day out!