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One Hour Enduro Rd 1 Report

Posted on January 5, 2022 by

1 Hour Endurance Race Round 1 – 21.03.19

Welcome to Kingston Park Raceways 2019 1 Hour Endurance Event, its an extra exciting race tonight as we are running our 1 Hour Endurance Race on our newly re-surfaced track for the first time. Both our Lightweight and Heavyweight divisions are all ready to take on the challenge of the 1100m LeMans track in our Honda powered karts. We are about to get are night under way, the drivers are eager to let the reigns loose on the new grippy surface, Were going with a little bit of old school 80s  Bathurst racing tonight the Lightweights and Heavyweights will be racing in the same race but as 2 different prize categories. Before the main event can get under way we need to send our drivers out to qualify to see whos starting off pole position. The track is very grippy after being re-surfaced so we will no doubt see some fast lap times tonight.

All of our drivers head out onto the 1100m LeMans track getting there karts warmed up and finding the best racing line that works for them as they all want to qualify for the top spot. Most drivers are now on their flying laps now so we are about to start seeing some times hitting the leader board. Beau Coplick for the Heavys goes to the top of the time board with a 62.499. Next driver to jump to the top was Matthew Steele just pipping Beau Coplick with a 62.460 and only just making it to the top. As we are now hitting near the end of the qualifying session a few drivers give them self some space to get that perfect lap. Justin Smith jumps to the top with a 62.098. There is only 30 seconds left and Caleb Sturdee pulls off the perfect lap with only a few seconds spare with a 61.720 and taking out pole position for Round 1 of Kingston Park Raceways 1 Hour Endurance Race.

Top 3 drivers for the Heavys are 1st Beau Coplick 62.499, 2nd Brenden Gough 63.054 & 3rd Brent Christofferson 63.315.

Top 3 drivers for the Lights are 1st Caleb Sturdee 61.720, 2nd Justin Smith 62.098 & 3rd Matthew Steele 62.460.

A few interviews are done and our drivers are now all ready for the Main Event…60 Minutes of solid racing. Drivers get into their karts and head out onto the LeMans track behind the pace kart. The pace kart pulls on and all the drivers wait with wide eyes for the lights to go green. The lights go green and we are off and racing for our One Hour Endurance Race. As all drivers head down into turn one keeping as close as they can to the driver in front, Beau Coplick gets off to a flying start taking the lead from the 2nd row & showing the Lightweights how its done.

Justin Smith gets a great run coming onto the straight and takes the lead away from Beau Coplick. It doesnt take long and Justin Smith starts to break away from the pack as the drivers behind him battle it out and start to run a little defensive to hold positions until things settle, some the pack have different ideas though trying to get those over takes done early. Caleb Sturdee moves up into 2nd place and then the next lap he lays down was the fastest lap of the race so far getting into the 62s. Caleb Sturdee has managed to catch Justin Smith and is now right on the back of him, Caleb Sturdee goes down the inside placing his kart in the perfect spot to get the drive out of the corner to take the lead.

Pit Lane is open, some drivers choose to do an early stop to get some open space on the LeMans track hoping for the undercut to come into play. Brenden Gough now has the lead and is pushing out some very consented lap times. Jordan Sturdee is in for his kart change having a little rest and getting right back into racing to see if he can start moving his way back up the grid. Oh no, Jonathon Rundle ends up losing the rear going into turn one dropping down the grid, lucky for him the race still has a lot of time for him to make up some time.

In comes Matthew Steele and right behind him is Justin Smith mirroring his strategy, bumper to bumper in pit lane. A fast kart change and both drivers are off and racing again still bumper to bumper, how good is this? Oh no we have a caution at turn 2 as Matthew Steele has turned his kart around on cold tyres. We have a new fastest lap of the race though with a 62.2 done by Jamie Maclntyre. Most drivers are now really pushing and most drivers now making it into the 62 second club really, this is going to make for some close racing.

Jamie Maclntyre gets a great run out of turn 8 and gets the inside run down into turn one moving up another spot. Andrew Barnes drives down into 7 a little off the racing line and runs wide making contact with some tyres and dropping the race pace. Andrew Barnes decides now is the time to come in for his kart change, has a rest, gets focused again and out he goes onto track trying to make up for the time lost.

Brendan Gough is still out front leading the grid but yet to pit for his kart change. Wait whats this? Caleb Sturdee comes in for another kart change, not sure what his plan is but drivers are only required to do one pit stop, this may end up costing him some time as he was one of the front running contenders for the Lightweight podium. Most drivers have now done their stops and leading the way is still Brendon Gough  Jay Jordan not too far behind, Brenden Gough, Jay Jordan and Robin Pierson are the only 3 drivers left yet to pit as they are almost a lap a head from the rest of the grid. Will the longer run pay off in the end? Only time will tell.

The leader Brenden Gough is in for his kart change and not far behind Jay Jordan follows him in. We have a new fastest lap of the race with Robert Dair laying down the benchmark of a 61.833, hes the first driver to break into the 61s. Not long to go now and Pit Lane is closed, leading the race we have Justin Smith out in the front but he hasnt got much breathing room as theres a few drivers right behind him.

Robert Dair now has move up into 2nd place right on the back of Justin Smith with only a few minutes to go, can Robert Dair get it done? This is going to be an exciting finish. Now all top 3 drivers have broken into the 61 second bracket and theyre all hungry for the win. Beau Coplick moves into the lead for the Heavys but overall placed 5th. Only 2 laps to go and Robert Dair comes down into turn 7 and finds the smallest of small gaps gap and takes the lead away from Justin Smith. Will Justin be able to make a dive to re-claim top spot?

Our lead drivers fly through turn 7, into 8 then onto the main toward the checkered flag and Robert Dair takes the win for the Lightweights, Justin Smith only 0.863 seconds behind for 2nd & Caleb Sturdee fights his way back after 2 pit stops to take 3rd. Beau Coplick takes out the win for the Heavyweight, Jordan Sturdee come in 2nd and Luke Howard claims the final podium spot with 3rd.


Heavy Weights top 3 finishers

1st Beau Coplick

2nd Jordan Sturdee

3rd Luke Howard

Fastest lap For Heavy Weights  Shaun Degen 61.925


Light Weights top 3 finishers

1st Robert Dair

2nd Justin Smith

3rd Caleb Sturdee (even with a 2nd stop)

Fastest lap Justin Smith 61.736


Well thats a wrap for the night, we would like to thank everyone that came down to race and all the people that came down to watch the racing, we cant wait to see you all back for Round 2 of Kingston Park Raceways 1Hour Endurance Race.

Entry Fee: $135.00 per person
Date: Thursday, 23th May 2019. Qualify: 6:00 pm - Briefing: 6.15 pm - Drivers MUST attend race briefing. Weight Categories: There will be two weight divisions. Light Division (85kg and under) / Heavy Division (86kg and over).

Book online to secure your spot on the starting grid. https://kingstonpark.com.au/endurance-challenge