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One Hour Enduro Heavy Division Results - July 2019

Posted on July 21, 2021 by

1 Hour Enduro Round 3 Heavy Weight Division

Good evening and welcome back to Kingston Park Raceway for another exciting night of racing on the Le Mans track. Tonight, we have our 1 hour solo enduro on and the Lights have just finished up on track so it’s time for the Heavies to get started. We have 15 drivers taking part in the Heavyweight category for this evening’s race but first up we have to hold qualifying to know our starting order for the long race ahead. Returning Round 1 and 2 winner Beau Coplick didn’t get off to the start he would of liked only managing to qualify 10th for this evenings race he will have his work cut out for him to keep his streak going but we saw Leslie Thiess put his kart on pole position with a 61.845 over Alistair Wallace in 2nd and Jozsef Csati a big honourable mention goes to Bob Crisp who managed 5th place in qualifying he will be hoping to take that form into this evenings race. Qualifying is one thing though the race is where the points and trophies are handed out.

As the drivers went through their briefing from race control, they were all eager and fired up ready to go racing nonstop for an hour. As they were briefed up on the pace kart procedure, they head out for their formation lap as the pace kart pulled into pit lane our drivers travelled down the main straight eagerly awaiting the lights to go green.

The Lights go green and they are off! Leslie Thiess gets away super cleanly and bolts into the lead as the rest of the pack is left to fight over the remaining positions. Some very hard fighting from Jozsef Csati and Alistair Wallace for 2nd and 3rd in the opening stages Beau Coplick has made a few moves early on and Luke Howard has been following him through as well, these 2 site first and second in the points for the heavies at the moment but yet have started this race from 10th and 12th so they have a lot of work to do in this 1 hour. Some really close racing going on from 2nd place all the way through the field but no one is in a position to stop Leslie Thiess out the front he is almost a whole second a lap quicker than the rest of the field every single lap they might want to start working together if they want to stop him from running away with this one. Our 2 points leaders are definitely having more trouble coming through the pack than they initially thought they would have Beau Coplick and Luke Howard are only just inside the top 8 still a long way to go if they want to make their way onto the podium. Some very early pace with the leaders after a blistering qualifying has seen Bob Crisp be able to hang with the top 10 throughout this first 15 minutes hopefully, he can still be towards the pointy end after the kart changes. We get to the kart change window and Shaun Vincent wastes no time coming in for a change he also executes a near perfect 60 seconds which ended up being our fastest legal changeover of the night across both grids hopefully this allows Shaun to really get up there at the pointy end. Our heavyweight drivers where definitely a lot better at following the pit lane speed limits with not a single driver receiving a black flag for speeding in pit lane which is great work from the heavy weights. We come towards the end of the kart change window with only Luke Howard yet to do his but he is the fastest on track at the moment he is really starting to look like he could take it to Leslie Thiess he comes in to do his kart change on the very last possible moment he jumps into the new kart he sees Leslie Thiess come by and re take the lead so he sets off to chase him down but what’s this? He’s only spent 56 seconds in the pits not the full 60 seconds! He has practically taken himself out of podium contention here tonight. Leslie Thiess can almost taste victory now but Shaun Vincent has been on fire since his early pit stop he is pulling Leslie Thiess in at half a second a lap he’s currently 3rd on track but will inherit 2nd from Luke Howard with about 15 minutes to go Shaun Vincent should catch him with 2 laps to go. We are just under the 10 minutes to go mark and we have a caution at turn 8 and oh my snapping ring spanners who is that? It’s the 11 kart of Shaun Vincent he’s in the wall! Our 2nd place driver has put it into the wall coming together with another driver he re-joins the race down in 6th position Leslie Thiess sees it and almost knows his job has been made that much easier for him. Jozsef Csati in 3rd place now is promoted into 2nd after battling hard all race long to stay in that position and Beau Coplick who has just made his way into 4th might find himself on the podium again. We have just under 5 minutes to go Luke Howard is right on the back of Leslie Thiess if only he served his 60 seconds this move might actually count Jozsef Csati is a further 25 seconds behind our leader and Jozsef is also the last driver on the lead lap. 2 laps to go and there is a big crash at turn 7 and we have a driver no slow down for the caution almost taking our leader completely out of the race! That was absolutely crazy the last thing we would have wanted to see is our leader get taken out this close to the finish. Last lap coming down the straight a late charge from Luke Howard isn’t enough Leslie Thiess wins the race from essentially start to finish what a dominant performance from him I don’t think we have seen a drive like that from him in a very long time Luke Howard follows him over the line very closely but drops down to 6th position after his penalty, Jozsef Csati finishes off in 2nd and our last driver on the lead lap 25 seconds behind our leader and Beau Coplick comes home in 3rd unfortunately he couldn’t make it 3 from 3 wins but its 3 from 3 podiums for the young man and he retains his lead in the points standings.

So, there we have it for another 1 hour enduro in the heavy division with Leslie Thiess taking out first place with Jozsef Csati in second and Beau Coplick in third and fastest lap of the race honours goes to Leslie Thiess with a 61.163.

That concludes our evening for another amazing 1 hour enduro here at Kingston Park Raceway if you think you got what it takes to be on the top step of our coca cola podium make sure you grab your helmet and join us on track here at Kingston park raceway for real racing on our Le Mans track we have plenty of race events so pick your date and come on down until next time I hope we all have one hell of a day out!