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One Hour Endruo Febuary 2021

Posted on November 26, 2021 by

One Hour Enduro Blog - Round 1 2021 

Welcome to round one of the 2021 1-hour events here at Kingston Park Raceway tonight events is a 1-hour race where the drivers take on the challenge of the 1100-meter Lemans in is Honda powered karts and the driver must take one stop within the hour-long race to do their kart change over and then take that go-kart to the checkered flag who will take the win tonight. 

As Qualifying is now done and we get ready to hit the track are fastest drivers are for the lightweights Dylan Jones with a lap time of 61.928. The fastest driver for our heavyweights is HH Beau Coplick with a time of 62.759 leading the way. 

As all drivers get ready to take on the 1-hour event the driver heads out onto lemans behind the pace kart griding up waiting for those lights to go green. Pace kart is in and the lights go green and we're off and race down in to turn one with Dylan Jones getting the perfect start and gapping the grid right away as Beau Coplick just got left behind with Stewart De Visser taking the lead for the Heavies.

Dylan Jones has already opened a 5-second gap over the rest of the grid as they all battle it out as Robert Dair in 2nd having his handful with 2 drivers hot on his gearbox waiting to get past. Luke Howard is the biggest grid mover starting from down in 15th place is now seeing himself 3rd with a great drive. As the pit window opens Robert Dair is the first to come in and do his kart change over hopping for the undercut to work in his favor and get back out into some clear air. 

Brent Christofferson has taken the lead for the Heavyweights and keeping up to speed with our lightweights. Dylan Jones is flying running the fastest lap of the race of a 61.201 finding that speed at the front of the grid. Craig Thorp is on the move after a few kart changes have been done Craig finds themself in 2nd place and is trying to play catch up as he has broken into the 61 seconds as well. 

Luke Howard has moved into 2nd place after all kart changes have been done as Luke was the last to stop only just getting in on the pit window before it closed and now on the hunt for the first place Heavy. The checkered flag is out, and Dylan Jones takes the win for the Light wights and the winner for the Heavyweight Brent Christofferson long time coming. 

The fastest lap of the race for the light Weights Dylan Jones 61.201 fastest lap of the year 

The fastest lap of the race for heavyweights Luke Howard 62.974 

Top 3 for Heavyweights 

1st Brent Christofferson 

2nd Luke Howard 

3rd Ken Kennedy 

Top 3 for Lightweights 

1st Dylan Jones 

2nd Craig Thorp 

3rd Daniel Young 

Well, that concludes another exciting night here at Kingston Park Raceway and is the end to our first round in 2021 for the 1-hour endure it’s always good to see familiar faces come down to tackle the track and new competition take it to them. If you think you got what it takes to take it to these amazing drivers make sure you get down for round 2 of the series to see if you are fast enough to take the top step on the coca-cola podium. Until then I hope you all had ONE HELL OF A DAY OUT!