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National Hire Kart Challenge Rd 2

Posted on July 6, 2021 by

All Heats are now done and now onto the Final leading are Heavy weights we have Luke Howard. Leading the Medium weights Stefan Lawrence. Leading the Light Weights Josh McLeod will these drivers hold onto there point lead going into the final race of the day.

All driver grids up behind the pace kart as the Lemans track is still wet from the mornings rain who will be sliding their way into victory. The lights go green and we are off and racing sliding into turn on with Stefan Lawrence taken the lead early and getting a gap to the drivers behind by the time he got to turn two. Luke Howard puts on some moves in the opening lap and moves from 10th to 7th place with some good pace and leading the way for the Heavy weights.

Stefan Lawrence first driver all morning in the rain to get under an 80 second as he opens his lead out in front over all and leading the way for the Mediums weights. Robert McLaren moves his way into 3rd for the light weights and Lindsay Hobbs is hot on his tail trying to find a way past but as it went it is very hard to get a clean move done.

Oh no Mark Harman runs into turn 4 a little to hot and slides the rear of the kart out from under him and costing a lot of time and as its wet its not that easy to get that time back. Josh Mcleod has him self a 5 second lead over the 2nd place light weight driver Robert Mclaren will Josh hold on to the lead. Luke Howard is leading the way for the heavy wights and showing some of the lighter driver up and he gets past.

The checker flag is out, and Stefan Lawrence takes the win with a 10sec lead over the grid. Josh Mcleod takes the win for the Light weights and Luke Howard takes the win for the Heavy weights.

Over all winners

1st Stefan Lawrence 236 points (fastest wet lap 78.826)

2nd Josh Mcleod 226 points

3rd Lindsay Hobbs 214 points                                                                                                                                                                              Light weights winners

1st Josh Mcleod 226

2nd Lindsay Hobbs 2014

3rd Robert Mclaren 198

Mediums weights winners

1st Stefan Lawrence 236

2nd Raymond Hoac 2012

3rd Marek Chromiec 206 points

Heavy weights winners

1st Luke Howard 180

Are you Fast enough can you beat 62.5 second lap time? if that’s you book in for the challenge next round is the 26th July see you there.