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National Hire Kart Challenge Medium Division / March 1st

Posted on July 17, 2021 by

National Hire Kart Challenge  (Rd 1)
Sunday 1st March 2020

This is going to be a sensational year for the Hire kart racing fraternity with the introduction of the National Hire Kart Challenge. There are 9 rounds over 9 months and you will get to drop your worst round in the points score.  Drivers should note that the NHKC has a minimum weight of 80kg per driver so to compete in the national final at the end of the year drivers may need to wear weight suits or similar to qualify.

The top 5 point scorers after the 9 rounds will represent Qld in the National titles to be held here on the 31st October this year.

In Qld there are going to be 3 weight classes Lights (up to70kg), Mediums (71kg – 89kg), and the heavy class of all drivers over 90kg. Races are run on the last Sunday of most months and we will be running either 3 separate races or Depending on the number of we may amalgamate the classes in any one event.  Each weight division will be racing for their own set of trophies and points and we will be awarding medallions and trophies in each round.

At the conclusion of each day there will be a free lunch time BBQ and the Track Manager Allan will be conducting the presentation ceremony straight after lunch.

Round 1 Medium Division Report

It was a very competitive day with a collection of some of the fastest drivers  all brought together to race for the title of National Hire Kart Champion. Overall it was a great day with only one incident that required the stewards involvement and with that sorted it was on with the business.

This round saw the New Platinum Series Schumacher karts hit the track and they are a different kart to drive and many drivers struggled with the different steering and grip factors in the early qualifying races.

In qualifying we see Anthony K hit the top of the time board with a 62.787 and not far behind in 2nd was Stefan Lawrence and 3rd Dean Ferguson. Congratulations gentlemen as these were good results that will serve you well throughout the days racing

Race 1 and on track are the medium weight drivers and sitting on the front row we have Anthony K. and Stefan Lawrence. As the lights go green we have Stefan off to a flying start taken the lead and leading lap one of the races. Lap one was hectic and heavy contact between the front runners saw Stefan pushed wide and Anthony K took the advantage of the situation and raced to a clear lead. Behind him Clay Seaborne and Stefan Lawrence battle side and end up both running up high allowing Dan Greer to push his way into 2nd place. That is how they stayed for the next 6 laps Checker Flag is out, and Anthony K takes the win and not far behind him was Dan Greer and rounding up the top 3 we have Clay Seaborne.

Heat Two Medium weights. Starting on the front row we have Anthony K and Dan Greer the lights green and all driver push for every inch down into turn one. As all drivers are pushing Dan Greer runs wide at turn 4 and that’s all it took for him to drop to the back of the grid. Anthony K still holds the lead, but he’s got the whole grid right on the back wheels this time. The pressure was on and it wasn’t long before Stefan Lawrence made his move putting himself in first place and as the rest of the grid still battle, he gets away. Now there’s a 4-way battle for who’s going to be 2nd  and they are literally racing bumper to bumper. Out comes the flag and the win goes to Stefan Lawrence and 2nd goes to Dean Ferguson and rounding up the top 3 goes to Clay Seaborne after a very close battle for 2nd place in the end.

Heat three for the Medium weights now they have a better understanding of the new karts they all hit the track once again. Leading them down the straight on the rolling lap was Stefan Lawrence and Dean Ferguson both waiting for those lights to go green and we are off racing around Lemans Track. Stefan Lawrence leads out of turn one, but that lead did not last long as they grid was on the move and he was on the wrong side exiting the corner and pushied him the rear of the grid leaving him a lot of work to make his way back. Now Leading Dean Ferguson but right behind him was Clay Seaborne almost pushing around the track but just could not find a way past. Taking the checker flag goes to Dean Ferguson and 2nd place goes to Clay Seaborne and rounding off the top 3 goes to Anthony K.

Final time for the Mediums weights and leading the grid out onto track was Dean Ferguson and Clay Seaborne locking out the front row. The pace karts in and the lights go green and we are off and racing as Dean Ferguson gets off a great start but Clay Seaborne was following right behind him and trying to put a move on. Jamie Kay drops a few spots from over driving the kart and  that allowed Stefan Lawrence to move onto the back of the Michael HA. This was michaels race and he put his head down and pulled away and put a pass on Dan Greer Moving up to into 4th places making it a 3 way battle  for second and that battle was letting Dean Ferguson pull away from the pack.. As they approach the line it is Dean Ferguson taking the win followed by Clay Seaborne 2nd and rounding off the top 3 goes to Anthony K.

Well that’s it,  Round one of the National Hire Kart Challenge is now done but there’s 8 more rounds to go… Who will be are top 5 drivers at the end?   Will it be YOU!

Would like to thank all that race and all wife’s & partners and Kids that cheered their driver on as they raced around the track.

Top 3 for Medium weights

1st Dean Ferguson 228 points

2nd Clay Seaborne 228 points

3rd Anthony Keilly 226 points

Are you Fast enough can you beat 62.5 second lap time? if that’s you book in for the challenge next round is the 28th March see you there.

Top 3 points holders overall on the day.

1st Lindsay Hobbs 240 points

2nd Josh McLeod 230 points

3rd Dean Ferguson 228 points

So as you can see there is nothing between the top drivers and along way to go until the October Finals. Until next race on the 28th of march all the best and race safe.

Allan Dawson

Track Manager