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Logan Law Grand Final Results 2017

Posted on September 20, 2017 by

Grand Final Night at Kingston Park Raceway

Logan Law Sprint Series 13/9/2017

The stakes were huge as the winning team will be awarded a prizes worth over $3500 which includes Helicopter rides from Kingston to the GC 600 and VIP main straight corporate box seating for a day at the races.

Tonight we have 18 teams on track and 54 very excited and willing competitors but the stand out contenders are the top 3 teams who have the most points going into the last round currently we have in 1st Tortas & hare with 2790 points, 2nd place Carters Crew 2736 points and  3rd place Loganites with 2364 points.

The teams joining us tonight for Logan Law round 5 Are XFC, RAG Racing, Loganites, Carters Crew, JJ Richards, Logan Law, R&J Batteries, Burnout Alstars, Tortas & Hare, Lizzies Legends, The Sprint Kings, Coca Cola, Team Handful, Copy That, Linz Motors SCA Stars and Tech Path and believe me when I say they are all ready to battle it out for the top spot around in the Logan Law Sprint Series here at Kingston Park Raceway.

There are 3 heats in which drivers earn individual and team points and the top 24 drivers will progress into the Final race of the night which carries bragging rights and double points from 1st all the way through to last.

Lining up in the pole position we had Nathan Heuschele(R&J Batteries) and Damian Taylor(Tortas &Hair ) along side him on the front row of the grid and behind them was 8 rows of karts already to do battle. The pace car circulated the track and as he peeled into the pits the engines revved and they were away with Nathan Heuschele holding a tight line and holding the lead into lap one.

The field ran two wide for most of lap one and started to separate as the hit the main straight for lap two. Drivers were trying to make breaks and Jon A choose the wide line at 1 and skiddy wide and colloide with thetyres and was relegated to the rear as the freight train of 24 karts bowled on through.

Whilst up front the competition was hotting up and Damian Taylor(Tortas &Hair) has now glued him self to the back of Nathan Heuschele (R&J Batteries ) and they worked together for 3 laps and ran times down in the 61 second mark which spaced the field and gave the boys a with a very handy 5 second buffer.

The big mover in the pack was Lachlan Coleman (Tortas &Hair ) who was quickly moving his way throw the gird, he had started in last after a previous mishap and was on lap 5 challenging for position 12 making some good points for his team. The leaders were continuing to hold that lead whilst the karts in 3rd through to 6th were so tight it was hard to call separate them. The laps are running down and Nick Heuschele (R&J Batteries) showed he had no fear as he attempted to take the outside line in the fast sweeper at 7 but only to get tagged and spun off in the verge and he dropped to the rear of the grid. That leaves a spot vacant and quickly Ben Vincent (SCA) now moves up into 3rd place with Craig Waldron (RAG Racing) in 4th and hot on his tail.  

Lap 7 had everything going on as our leaders were locked in a ferocious battle for the lead the karts in 3rd and 4th were going hard and had shorten the gap to just 2.2 seconds and just 1 lap remained.

They swing through the sweeper and onto the main straight for the last time and Nathan Heuschele (R&J Batteries) and Damian Taylor (Tortas &Hair) race side by side down the straight whilst a few seconds back there was a 3 way tussle between Ben Vincent (SCA) and Craig Waldron(RAG Racing ) and a fast finishing Charlie Camron (Lizzies Legends).

The flag was raised and first across the line and with a well-earned first place was Nathan Heuschele(R&J Batteries) just .010 seconds in front of second placed Damian Taylor (Tortas &Hair) and 3rd placed Ben Vincent steals a place and a podium step from Craig Waldron(RAG Racing )

That was an incredible nights racing and extremely entertaining for the on lookers, I have to say congratulations to all the drivers as this was a hard fought and extremely quick series and everybody responded to the challenge well. A big thank you to our major sponsor Logan law for supporting Brisbane’s best Go Kart series and a big congratulations our series winners Tortas &Hair….

Round 5 Point winners of the night

1st Nathan Heuschele(R&J Batteries) 284 points

2nd Damian Taylor (Tortas &Hair) 282 points

3rd Charlie Camron(Lizzies Legends)

Fastest driver of the night Nathan Heuschele 61.663(R&J Batteries)

Series Winners

1st Tortas &Hair 3522 points

2nd Carters Crew 3088 points

3rd Lizzies legends 2790 points

What a blast 5 rounds of Logan Law Sprint Series big thank to all that race and all family and friends that came down to cheer on your teams we hope to see you all again soon racing here at Kingston Park Raceway where it a Hell of a Day OUT.


For more information check out our website at www.kingstonpark.com.au or call our sales team on 07 3826 2222. Also don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for updates on special events, offers, deals and more.

Once again a big thank you to all who joined us here for a action packed, adrenaline filled, unbeatable night go karting here at Kingston Park Raceway’s in the Logan Law Sprint Series.