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Logan Law Go Kart Sprint Series Rd 2 race results

Posted on July 12, 2017 by

Logan Law Sprint Series runs 5 very competitive rounds from May through to the grand final in September were the competition is pushing every driver to their limit to see who will come out on top.

There is a huge prize valued at $3,500 to be won that includes return helicopter transfers to and from the Gold Coast 600.  Living the day like a millionaire up in a corporate box above pit lane drinking and eating living the high life for the day. There 3 drivers per team and each driver’s individual points get added together for the team to win the prize at the end of the season.

Here is how the Logan Law Sprint series works:

The groups will be split into 2 grids. Heat one with be a random grid order while heat two is reverse gird from start grid of heat one. Heat three will be a point base order from the points gained over the first 2 heats. Final heat top 24 drivers with the most points  with be grid one and  all drivers will get double points this will the best chance to win the prize at the end of round 5. For the drivers that missed out still get to battle it out for the final round.

The top 3 teams leading into this round before tonight has started are 1st Tortas &Hare 758 points 2nd Carters Crew 740 points 3rd Team Handful  580 points. As you can see it’s a very close battle between the top 2 teams, who will come out on top after tonight’s racing?

Tonight we had a great crowd of 42 drivers joining us they are XFC, Rag Racing, Loganites, Carters Crew, Logan Law, Burnout Allstars, Team Handful, DJM Motorsport, Kaos Racing, Linz Motors, Dead Last, Lizzies Legends, Tortas & Hare, and The Sprint Kings, all ready to race fast and to take out the top spot for the night.

In the super final our top 21 drivers headed out on to track to get the most points for their team. They gird up behind the pace kart in there two by two formation and as the pace karts rolls into the pits the lights go green and we are off and racing Rikrangi Reweti gets of the a perfect start and makes a brake for it but the driver in position 4 was not so lucky and got a bump from behind and around he went sending karts in all directions.  . That spread the fields and the first 3 through corner one raced a way to an early lead with Rikirangi Reweti 1st ; James  Mckinght 2nd and Aaron Megson 3rd. at the end of lap 2

As all drivers get back into the racing grove we see a solid performance from Stefan Lawrence who has managed to make some good from the earlier melee and he  jumps from 21st up into 9th in only 2 laps with a great drive. Not so lucky was Gus F has dropped to the back the of the grid from over driving his kart and ended up facing the wrong way, a costly mistake as the fast moving grid almost all have broken into the low 62 second mark.

As we approach lap 6 we see a hard charging Craig Waldron break away for the chasing pack as he heads off in pursuit of our leader Rikirangi Reweti who now has a 3 second lead out in front.

This race is running at a hectic pace with the top 9 drivers all cracking a 61 second lap in the race so far and  pushing their Honda powered go kart to the limit. The battle is fierce and survival is important and calculating the risks Vs the rewards on every drivers mind. Young charger Stefan Lawrence got caught wide on the no way round side and punted the tyre wall and limped back to the pits for a kart change.

They race into lap 8 and they get the 1 lap to go signal and Rikirangi Reweti runs a low 61.50 on the last lap to create a small buffer from Waldron in second and a mere .5 seconds back Aaron Megson Then following our leaders is a group of 5 karts that are so close it is hard top pick the numbers.    

The starter raises the chequred flag and as we head down the main straight for the last time all friends and family are on the fence line cheering them on to the flag.

The checker flag fly’s and the winner of are Logan Law Sprint Series Round Two is Rikirangi Reweti. He takes the win from Craig Waldron in 2nd and 3 Aaron Megson 3rd.

Top 3 drivers with the most points for the night are very close:

1st Rikirangi Reweti 290 points

2nd Aaron Megson 280 points

3rd James McKinght 270 points

 Logan Law Scoreboard

Fastest lap of the night goes to

Stefan Lawrence 61.004 (8th fastest of the year)

After the Series points have been added the top 3 teams are

1st Tortas & Hare 1426 points

2nd Carters Crew 1388 points

3rd Loganites 1134 points (jumping from 9th to 2nd)

Do you want to be a part of the next Logan Law Sprint series get in quick smart as the spots on the grid are determined by the order you register to race. It will be $267 dollars a round, $89 dollars each driver but you must have 3 drivers to be in it to win it. For more information check out our website at www.kingstonpark.com.au or call our sales team on 07 3826 2222.


Also don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for updates on special events, offers, deals and more. Once again a big thank you to all who joined us here for an action packed, adrenaline filled, unbeatable night go karting here at Kingston Park Raceway’s in the 2nd round of the Logan Law Sprint Series.


 Round Two : 28/6/2017