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Logan Law Offers $3500 Prize to Series Winners

Posted on June 21, 2017 by
Logan Law go karting competition at Kingston Park Raceway, there is a huge prize valued at $3,500 for the team that wins the series and gets the crown of Brisbanes Best go karters. 

The event consists of 5 rounds ran over the next 5 months and requires teams of 3 drivers. 
Imagine flying into the races in a helicopter and then enjoying the day like a  millionaire up in a corporate box above pit lane drinking and eating living  the high life for the day. There 3 drivers per team and each driver gets points gets added together and the team with the most points at series end will win the prize.

How Logan Law works the groups will be split into 2 grids. Heat one with be a random grid order Heat two reverse gird from start grid of heat one. Heat three will be a point base order from the points gained over the first 2 heats. Final heat top 24 drivers with the most points  with be grid one and  all drivers will get double points this will the best chance to win the prize at the end of round 5. for the drivers that missed out still get to battle it out for the final round.
Tonight we are booked out with  16 teams joining  us tonight and they are XFC, Team Handful, Loganights, Logan Law, Burnout Allstars, Carters Crew, Totas and the Hair , The Small eyed drivers , Kapes, The Drifters, Chengdu, Random, Lizzes Legends, The Sprint Kings , Dead last , The Money Team. Who’s team do you think will win it tonight only time will tell.
As are top 24 drivers head out on track to grid up behind the pace kart leading off the front row we have Kelley Farrell vs. Scott Maczek (Carters Crew) who will lead the start of this race. As the pace kart pulls into pits all driver wait for those lights to go green. We are off and racing  Kelley Farrell (Carters Crew) gets off the a clean start leading out of turn one but Scott Maczek(Carters Crew) was hot on his gearbox. Benjamin C (The small eyed drivers) was sleeping on the start and miss the green light dropping to the back of the field. 
Joshua Thomas(The Money Team ) is on fire carving up the grid jumping  up into 2nd place now on the charge for 1st. Kelley Farrell (Carters Crew) now giving it every think he’s got pushing his kart into the 62 second mark but it was not enough Joshua Thomas(The Money Team) drives down the inside and gain first place now leading the fast grid. Now are top 5 drivers have broken into the 62 second mark all pushing hard and leaving the rest of the grid behind. Oh no Travis C (Logan Law) has meet the tyre wall dropping down the grid as everyone pushing hard and racing fast very easy to drop out of the leading pack. 
As we hit lap 4 Joshua Thomas(The Money Team) lead the grid but hes taken one in the bumper from Kelley Farrell (Carters Crew) who is still glued to his bumper and matching his lap times lap for lap and Scott Maczek (Carters Crew) slows dropping back unable to keep up with the leading race pace. Out of nowhere Charlie Cameron (Lizzies Legends) has put his head down and start racing and jumps from 10th up into 6th in one lap also doing the fastest lap of the race of a 61.708 trying to catch the lead pack with his eye on the prize. 
As we head into 2nd last lap Charlie Cameron(Lizzies Legends) is on the charge as now as he makes himself up into 4th place and is so close to getting on to the podium and Scott Maczek (Carters Crew) just gives away 3rd with a poor exit onto the main straight  passed him like a sitting duck. Now out in front we still have Joshua Thomas (The Money Team) leading the grid but Kelley Farrell (Carters Crew) not making it easy for him as he still sitting glued to histail and just waiting for him to make a mistake but he does not give in to the pressure as the lead drivers hit the main straight  for the final time  the checker flag drops and the bye standers are cheering. The winner of round 1 Logan Law is Joshua Thomas (The Money Team) 1st coming  in 2nd Kelley Farrell (Carters Crew and rounding up the podium in 3rd is Charlie Cameron (Lizzies Legends).
Placing of the Final Race
1st Joshua Thomas (The Money Team)
2nd Kelley Farrell (Carters Crew)
3rd Charlie Cameron (Lizzies Legends)
Fastest of the race
Charlie Cameron(Lizzies Legends)

 Score Board Logan Law

Driver point winners of the night getting there trophy
1st Joshua Thomas (The Money Team) 296 points
2nd Kelley Farrell (Carters Crew ) 294 points
3rd Scott Maczek (Carters Crew ) 284 points
The Top 3 Teams  of the night
1st Totas and the Hair 758 points
2nd Carter Crew 740 points
3rd The Money Team 572 points
Do you want to be a part of are next Logan Law Go Karting Sprint series get in quick smart as spots are filling fast. Entry is $267 per round for all 3 drivers which is just $89 dollars each driver. You must have 3 drivers to be in it

For more information check out our website at www.kingstonpark.com.au or call our sales team on 07 3826 2255. Also don’t forget to follow us on facebook for updates on special events, offers, deals and more. Once again a big thank you to all who joined us here for a action packed, adrenaline filled, unbeatable night karting here at Kingston Park Raceway’s Logan Law Sprint Series. Best go karting in Brisbane !