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Friday Night Challenge - Week 47

Posted on June 4, 2021 by


24th November 2017

Such a great night yet again, a special shout out to Metfit Industries for joining us that evening. Running their races between our Friday Night Challenge events, the group from Metfit Industries were outstanding and had great fun throughout their experience here at Kingston Park Raceway.

To begin our Friday Night Challenge event, we began with only 11 drivers and just 1 group for the practice session, 2 of those drivers were our regulars Michael Ha and Jonathon Jone. Both drivers racing good lap times throughout their races with Michael Ha getting the first 61 of the day with a 61.948 in the first heat of Friday Night Challenge. All other drivers were new to the event and had a blast with the competitiveness and the excitement.

With our Friday Night Challenge events, we normally let the top 12 drivers with the most points, through to the Semi Final. But since there was only 11 drivers to begin with, all 11 drivers were in the Semi Final, ranging from drivers with the most amount of points to the drivers with the least amount of points. Assuring the drivers that only the top six drivers with the most point will be making it through to the Super Final. The Semi Final race was very competitive, full of excitement and thrills.

Our top six drivers for the Super Final came down to Michael Ha, Jonathon Jones, Scott Mccartney , Dennis Jensen , Liam Molloy and Travis Ballinger . All top six drivers have raced hard and raced fast. For their efforts, they have made it to the Super Final of Friday Night Challenge. Congratulations!!

As our top six drivers take their seat in their Go-karts, you can feel the determination and anticipation from them. As they set out for their warm-up lap with the Pace-kart leading the way, the remaining drivers that missed out on the Super Final stand along the Lemans fence-line to support their fellow racers. As the Pace-kart peels back into pit-lane, Michael Ha and Jonathon Jones leading the rest of the pack down the main straight waiting for the lights to go green to start their Super Final. Green light goes off!! Michael Ha dashing away from the pack on the first corner but Jonathon Jones keeping close, following behind the current leader, Michael Ha. With 1 lap gone, there is a 0.01.626 second gap between 1st and 2nd positioned Michael Ha and Jonathon Jones.

6 laps remaining and Travis Ballinger who started the race in 6th position, caught up to the 5th position Liam Molloy, passing him and claiming 5th position for his own. Dennis Jensen, who was in 4th, spins himself out at Turn 3! Causing him to drop down to 6th position with Scott Mccartney, Travis Ballinger and Liam Molloy racing away to claim 3rd, 4th and 5th position.

With 4 laps remaining of the Super Final, Michael Ha is leading with a 0.04.071 second gap from the 2nd place Jonathon Jones. Scott Mccartney trying to defend his current 3rd position from Travis Ballinger who is trailing behind Scott Mccartneys bumper, but Travis Ballinger proving to be a little more experienced, over took Scott Mccartney at turn 4, taken 3rd position.

With 2 laps remaining of the Super Final, there is a 0.22.054 second gap between the current 1st positioned Michael Ha and 6th position Dennis Jensen.

Final Lap now! As the 1st positioned Michael Ha races down the main straight, the marshal raises the checkered flag! Michael Ha crosses the finish line and the checkered flag starts waving signaling the end of another great Friday Night Challenge.

Super Final Winners

  • 1st Michael Ha 62.782
  • 2nd Jonathon Jones 63.408
  • 3rd Travis Ballinger 63.669

Fastest Lap of the Night  Michael Ha with a 61.948

What more could you ask for in the best karting event you can participate in outside of official competitive racing. With practice, 3 heats, the best drivers after all 3 heats going into a semi-final and then the best of the best going head to head for their shot in the super final. But dont take my word for it, if youre interested, keen or even just looking for something exciting to do on a Friday night then come on down and check it out for yourself. Or even better yet jump on in and give it a crack for only $89pp.

For more information check out our website at www.kingstonpark.com.au or call our sales team on 07 3826 2222. Also don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for updates on special events, offers, deals and more. Once again a big thank you to all who joined us here for an action packed, adrenaline filled, unbeatable night karting here at Kingston Park Raceway Friday Night Challenge!

If you want to take on the best Go Karting racers in Brisbane then all you need to is front up on a Friday night and let your driving do the talking for you. Registration is at 6:00pm, Practice starts at 6:30pm with racing from 7:15pm sharp and we recommend you book as Friday Night Challenge is a very popular event here at Kingston Park Raceway!

Call 07 3826 2255 to enter the next race and check out the FNC page for details.