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FRiday Night Challenge - week 46 2020

Posted on November 26, 2021 by

Friday Night Challenge Blog Week - 46 

The starter looks down the grid and calls out,  are you ready to take on the 1100-meter Lemans track for Friday night Challenge. 

The pace karts in and the lights go green and we are off and racing down into turn one with Peter Hendra getting off to a flying start and Jack Yunker with a ripper of a start moving into 2nd place from 4th around turn one. 

Now the battle for 3rd is one as Timothy Wilson and Michael Goodchild fight for the same bit of racetrack with Michael Goodchild running Timothy Wilson wide to take his place moving him up into 3rd place. Jack Yanker is on the hunt as he gets closer to Peter Hendra as Peter starts to drive the inside line only slowing himself down allowing Jack Yunker to put the move on down at turn one and making it stick also  allowing Michael Goodchild to get in on the action moving him up into 2nd place as Peter Hendra was slowed with Jack Yanker pass. 

Oh no Timothy Wilson has found himself stuck at turn two into the tyre wall dropping down the grid. Jack Yunker out in front but only just holding onto the lead with Michael Goodchild hot on his gearbox with the checker flag is out and Jack Yunker has taken the win for tonight Friday night Challenge with Michael Goodchild not fare behind in 2nd and Peter Hendra holding onto 3rd . 

 1st Jack Yunker 

 2nd Michael Goodchild 

 3rd Peter Hendra 

 Fastest lap of the race 63.369 goes to Peter Hendra 

 And that will wrap up for Friday Night Challenge here at Kingston Park Raceway. Hopefully everyone who joined us had one hell of a night out and hopefully you out there reading this will join us next time for the BEST adrenaline fuelled action you can get on four wheels down at Kingston Park Raceway!