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Friday Night Challenge - Week 42

Posted on November 1, 2017 by

The tension was building, the karts were quick all night and the competitors had their game faces on.  There was friendly talk before the race, but once those helmets were on there was only the race on the drivers mind.   Michael Ha was pumping himself up with some music before heading through the gate. A couple of the drivers were looking at the track, with only the race, their lines and visualizing how they were going to make the moves that count to get them into that winning spot.

As they got in their go karts, you could see all the drivers getting used to their seating positions. Getting a feel for the kart they were in and pushing any thoughts that weren’t on the race out of their heads.  The drivers were going in with no doubts of their abilities, driving styles and lines and brimming with confidence.  They got out for their pace lap and you could already feel the tension between these fast, intense and talented drivers as the lined up side by side for the start.

On goes the green light and already they were passes left, right and center. Michael Ha taking advantage of this by jumping straight into first place with Jayden Tooth following closely in second. Three corners in and you could already see the four kart train, including Matt Peters, Andrew Paton, John H and Kenny Paton,  that were all battling for 3rd position. John H, who had been fast all night went for a dive up the inside at turn 3, however couldn’t quite hold onto it, pushing him back into 5th place. Back up the front you could see that Michael and Jayden were already starting to pull a lead already and by the end of the first lap. They had already pulled a 2.3 second lead on the pack fighting their hearts out for that third position. Further back, Andrew Paton had made a great start and first two laps, jumping up into 4th position from the back of the field.

By the end of the second lap however, Michael and Jayden had again taken advantage of the fighting for 3rd place, taking a 3.2 second lead.The race starts heading into the halfway point and you can see the drivers starting to get comfortable in their positions and some gaps start forming. Michael Ha puts his head down racking in some consistently quick times out there and starting to get the edge over Jayden Tooth, who had been getting faster and faster as the night went on.  Matt Peters also starting to take advantage of the other drivers starting to fight behind him began to slightly pull away from the pack with his best lap of the race of a 62.976.  Coming into lap 4, John desperately tries for a move up the inside of Andrew at turn 1, however in the process ends up locking his brakes giving Andrew some time to pull a little gap from Kenny and John.

You could see Andrew take full advantage of this opportunity to begin the hunt for Matt, who had pulled a fair gap over Andrew, pulling out a 62.963 then followed by a 62.817, narrowing down the distance between them.  By this time, Michael has pulled a big lead from Jayden, enough for him to starting getting cheeky, as he waves to the track marshals while coming down the straight. Coming to the final few laps of our Super Final and you could see that Jayden was doing his best to keep up with the flying Michael Ha, however Michael’s consistent 61 second lap times was making that an extremely daunting task.  Further back Andrew was making some solid ground on Matt and was coming around to start the final lap, he was right on Matt’s rear bumper.  You could almost see Andrew’s eyes widen up as he realized he might be able to make the move on Matt for 3rd position and he wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass him by, making sure to give Matt the obligatory “g’day, how’s it going” bump up the rear.

Coming down the straight on the final lap, the chequered flag is waving and in the end it was Michael, with the fastest lap of the race of a 61.408, pulling out the win by 5.617 seconds over Jayden Tooth.  A further 9.078 seconds was our third place, only crossing the line over fourth place by 0.094 seconds, which went to Matt Peters, just edging out Andrew Paton and closing following behind was John H crossing by 0.164 seconds in front of Kenny Paton.  Come presentation time and everyone is all smiles and you could tell that they really enjoyed their race out there.

“Congratulations” and “good race” were spoken between all the competitors, which just shows the sportsmanship and compassion the each racer has and I’m sure that we’ll be seeing all those drivers back again next Friday Night Challenge for some quality racing here at Kingston Park Raceway.  If you’d like the chance to go toe to toe with the some quality drivers then I’d strongly advise coming down next week to Kingston Park Raceway and giving the Friday Night Challenge a shot.