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Friday Night Challenge Week 33

Posted on July 28, 2021 by

Can Anyone Stop Daniel Martin?

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and hardcore racing fans we are back here at Kingston Park Raceway for another exciting night of racing here at Kingston Park tonight is the ever famous and popular Friday Night Challenge. We seen 11 drivers take to the grid this evening all very hungry for that number 1 spot joining those 11 we seen a few regular names pop up Joshua Manser was one of the first down here for the evening joined by Stacey Maiden who has been at the pointy end as of late but has just fallen a bit short on that super final win. Travis Geshwend and Oliver Judge have started to become very regular faces on our grid as of late proving to always be at the pointy end throughout the event but everyone was shocked when they seen that our current lap record holder Daniel Martin has come on down ready to race it definitely lifted everyone’s intensity even before the practice session headed out on track.

From the first race it was obvious Daniel Martin wasn’t going to have it all his way coming 3rd in heat one with Joshua Manser taking out first with Stacey Maiden holding off Daniel Martin for 2nd but in doing so she did cop the bad sportsmanship flag for a little bit to much blocking. The rest of the night was spent with our drivers having no choice but to follow Daniel Martin across the finish line after Daniel took out heat 2 and 3 convincingly with the rest of the positions being almost anyone’s with very close battles going on behind. After heat 3 race control tallied up the points and took our top 8 on points towards the super final our driver with the most points will start from 1st and 2nd from 2nd and so on.

We had Daniel Martin starting from first with 176 points, Stacey Maiden from 2nd with 170 points, Joshua Manser from 3rd with 164 points, Oliver Judge with 162 points, Travis Geshwend from 5th with 160 points, Raymond Haoc from 6th with 158 points, Tony Bui from 7th with 142 points and Edwin Shih started from 8th with 136 points. Before the drivers set out for the race our marshal in race control had a little curve ball to throw their way, they had selected the 8 go karts they wished to use for the super final and had the super final drivers pick their go kart numbers out of a hat to determine who would race in which kart. The drivers really enjoyed this and where very excited to see how it would make the racing for the super final. The draw was completed, and the drivers set out for their race.

As the drivers make their way down the straight to start the race the lights go green and they are off! A very clean get away from Daniel Martin sees him hold onto his lead Stacey Maiden is having none of it staying right on him but Joshua Manser sees and opportunity here to get into 2nd, the drivers head around turn 3 and Joshua Manser gets himself right alongside Stacey Maiden she defends going into turn 4 and Travis Geshwend sees this as an opportunity to get them both they go 3 wide into turn 4 that’s not going to work and it doesn’t Joshua Manser gets the worse of it though falling back to 8th position rejoining in last place Stacey Maiden managed to hold onto 2nd place over Tavis Geshwend but all this has allowed Daniel Martin to finish lap one over 2 seconds in the lead. Stacey Maiden is defending hard at this point this is making it a 7-way fight for 2nd at the moment meaning anyone could find themselves on the podium. 3rd lap and Joshua Manser finds himself in 5th place and very close behind 3rd and 4th Travis Geshwend and Raymond Hoac are swapping back and forward for 3rd allowing Joshua to really be in the fight but meaning Stacey Maiden is streaking away in 2nd. We are at the halfway points and we have a 3 way fight for 3rd position all this time Daniel Martin has absolutely left everyone for dead but Stacey Maiden is currently our fastest on track doing a 60.855 but 2 tenths a lap won’s be enough to bridge the 2.5 second gap that Daniel Martin has atm. 3 laps to go and Joshua Manser has made a move on Travis Geshwend for 4th place getting a better exit out of turn 1 he waited for Travis to get held up a bit while trying to overtake Raymond Hoac and it payed off. 2 laps to go and Joshua Manser again makes it work into turn 1 outbreaking Raymond Hoac to take 3rd place an amazing recovery drive considering he finished lap 1 in last place. Last lap ladies and gentle and Daniel Martin has almost begun to celebrate already a few mistakes from Stacey Maiden in the last few laps has really allowed Daniel to streak ahead to almost a 5 second lead she’s maybe pushing that little bit to hard to try to catch him Joshua Manser is pushing hard in 3rd but its just not quite enough. Crossing the checkered flap our winner is Daniel Martin over Stacey Maiden in 2nd and Joshua Manser doing the fastest lap of the race on the last lap with a 60.456 showing he wasn’t prepared to give up. Raymond Hoac came home in 4th Travis Geshwend in 5th Oliver Judge in 6th Tony Bui in 7th and Edwin Shih finished off the race in 8th.

Our fastest lap of the night honors goes out to Daniel Martin with a 60.020 which is also the new fastest lap of the month can anyone stop this man or is he going to keep taking away all the top step prizes here at the raceway? Ill leave the answer to that one to you guys.

Well that concludes our evening here at the Raceway as always our competitors had one hell of a night out but if you think you got what it takes to knock Daniel Martin off that top step or if you’re a lady and you wanna give Stacey Maiden a run for her money make sure you come down for real racing out here on the Le Mans track until next time though keep your throttle pedal down!