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Friday Night Challenge Week 31

Posted on June 23, 2021 by

Tonights lead drivers are Macca Bowman, Stacey Maiden, Eric Freeman, Ashley Huston, Scott Anderson, Corey Oneil and they are already to hit the wet lemans track and find out who is the best in the wet.

As all drivers head out on to the 1100-meter Leman track were the rain has stopped but track still going to be a challenge to get around as they will slip and slide. The pace kart pulls in and the drivers wait for the lights to go green and the lights go green and we are off racing down in to turn on as the drivers slide there way round Corey Oneil leads coming out of turn one but that was short lived as Stacey Maiden takes the lead going into turn two and pulling a little gap on the grid as the rest battle and slip and slide to find there racing line.

Eric Freeman on the move as he got past Corey Oneil and moving up into 2nd place. Eric Freeman are biggest mover so far coming from 4th to 2nd. Now its Macca Bowman turn to take a drive at Corey Oneil dropping back to 5th place after having such a good night just not having a great run this race. Out in front Stacey Maiden leading the way over Eric Freeman that just cannot wheel Stacey on as she slowly pulls away in first place sliding around but making it look fast.

And there is the fastest lap of the race so far Stacey Maiden out in front with a 4 second lead running a time of a 76.947 on the wet lemans track. Ashley Huston finds him self in 3rd and slowly catching up to 2nd Eric Freeman, but it might be a too little too late as the race is almost over. The checker Flag is out, and Stacey Maiden takes the win for tonights FNC.

1st Stacey Maiden (fastest lap 76.947)

2nd Eric Freeman

3rd Ashley Huston

And that will wrap up the for Friday Night Challenge here at Kingston Park Raceway. Hopefully everyone who joined us had one hell of a night out and hopefully you out there reading this will join us next time for the BEST adrenaline fueled action you can get on four wheels down at Kingston