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Friday Night Challenge - Week 27

Posted on November 1, 2017 by

Super Fast Race Night

Friday Night Challenge 14/7/2017  week 27


Tonight’s Friday night challenge we have 3 full grid also joining us tonight is Crossfire marketing making the nights total of 60 drivers ready to take on the challenge on the  1100 meter lemans track in are Honda powered Schumacher go karts.

Tonight each driver will go out on track for one practice race then the real racing begins with 3 heats were points are allocated as per the finishing order. We will take the 8 point scorers who will race off in the super final. Who will take home the weekly prizes and the winner’s trophy? Our top drivers of the night are Jason Howard, Michael Mason, Michael Ha , Harry Collins, Josh Dreaver, Robert P.


It’s a cold night and many drivers have elected to wear the gloves to night and as they put on the race faces and helmets the starter calls them to the pit lane.  Starting off the front row we have Michael Ha and Harry Collins and they follow the pace kart out of the pits for a warm up lap. The light to go green and we are off and racing into the first turn of the lemans track. Michael Ha got off the a perfect start and leads the driver out of turn one will Harry Collins right on his tail. They run nose to tail for the lap and as they hit the top of the straight Harry Collins Runs wide giving Michael Ha a free pass as he opens up his lead to 1.5 seconds on the first lap.


Harry Collins is now under siege from Michael Mason but manages to hold onto 2nd spot. Robert P and Michael Mason are pushing one another to their limit and end up both running wide going into turn 7 letting Josh Dreaver driver pass without even a fight. Michael Ha still out in the lead also doing the fastest lap of the time being the first to break into the 60 second mark making it a real challenge for Harry Collins to catch up.


 Lap 5 and we are half way into the race Michael Ha 1st with a 3.5 second lead Harry Collins 2nd and now has left Josh Dreaver in the dust as he 8 seconds behind. Lap after lap Michael Ha pulls 60 second lap after 60 second lap having the perfect race so far. The race is run a hectic pace and our top 5 drivers are all circulating in the low 61 second baracket. As we head into are last lap Michael Ha  slides onto the main straight and takes the win of this weeks Friday Night Challenge with a 5 second lead.


1st Michael Ha 60.174 Fastest lap of the night 3 fastest of the year

2nd Harry Collins

3rd Josh Dreaver


It was a big night with over 60 drivers competing and a big thankyou to everyone for joining us here tonight, competitors, spectators, friends and family for making Friday night Challenge a night to remember.


If you are interested in jumping on in don't be shy, check out our website at www.kingstonpark.com.au or call our friendly sales team on 3826 2222 for more information. Race hard, race fast and we'll see you at the next one!