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Friday Night Challenge - Week 26 Results

Posted on July 9, 2020 by

Ready to race the final and our top six drivers are Dylan Day, Ben Hutchins, Zen Sofrenic, Warren Macdonald, Cayden George, Luke Watts, As all drivers gear up and jump into the karts they head out onto the 1100 meter Lemans track gridding up behind the pace kart with Ben Hutchins and Zen Sofrenic leading the way.

The lights go green and we are off and racing down into turn one with Ben Hutchins getting off to the perfect start leading the grid out of turn one as the rest of the drivers behind battle it out to gain a spot Ben pulls away from the grid making it look easy. Warren Macdonald sends it from a long way back and makes it stick and moves up into 2nd place and now on the hunt for Ben Hutchins in 1st.

Now the battle is on for 3rd place as the hole grid backs up behind Zen Sofrenic as he had slide and trying his hardest to hold on to 3rd place. Oh no Zen Sofrenic could not hold on to it and the rear of the kart slides and drops him out of 3rd place. Ben Hutchins does the fastest lap off the race doing a 61.567 and with doing those kind of laps times he has opened his lead out at front giving him a 5 second gap over the grid.

As first and 2nd are now gone but still leave the rest of the grid battle for 3rd as they are all with in 2 seconds of one another making for some good close racing with Cayden George taken 3rd place away from Dylan Day but Cayden George has not pulled away as Dylan Day still hot on his gearbox hopping to get his spot back. Ben Hutchins now way in from with a 10 second lead over the rest of the grid.

The checker flag is out and the winner of tonight’s FNC is Ben Hutchins and fastest man of the race. 2nd across the line was Warren Macdonald just did not have the speed to chase down first place and holding onto 3rd place Cayden George.

1st Ben Hutchins (fastest lap 61.567)

2nd Warren McDonald

3rd Cayden George

And that will wrap up the for Friday Night Challenge here at Kingston Park Raceway. Hopefully everyone who joined us had one hell of a night out and hopefully you out there reading this will join us next time for the BEST adrenaline fueled action you can get on four wheels down at Kingston Park Raceway!