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Friday Night Challenge - Week 20 Results

Posted on January 21, 2022 by

Friday Night Challenge 17/05/2019

Good Evening and welcome to another night of Kington Park Raceways Friday Night Challenge. This evening we had a total of 29 driver rock up for tonights races, a special shout out to the 17 drivers from Byrne Ford Geebung raced very well this evening, however! The top eight drivers with the most amount of points will make through to the Final and what will be a Hell of a Night Out! Those top 8 drivers were: Dan Edwards, Daniel Stubbings, Daniel Young, Jason Penny, Shaun Vincent, Luke. G, Aaron Goodwin and Kane. P all geared up and ready to get out there racing on the 1100m Lemans Circuit.

The drivers head out for their warmup lap behind the pace kart, as the pace kart comes back to pit lane, the 8 finalist continue down the main straight of the Lemans Track, waiting for the lights down the end to turn green! Green lights come alive and off they go!! Aaron Goodwin slicing through the middle of the group as they head around turn 1 and into turn 2. Heading into turn 3 now and Jason Penny takes the turn a little bit too wide, leaving some room for two karts to make an inside pass on him.

With Daniel Stubbings now leading the way with Dan Edwards following in pursuit, a battle emerges for 3rd position between the following drivers: Daniel young, Aaron Goodwin and Luke. G. All three drivers achieving consistent 62 second lap times but Daniel Young has some work to do as the other two are hot on his tail. 6 to go now and Jason Penny who was doing so well in the previous races must be succumbing to the pressure of the Super Final as he takes turn 2 too wide leaving room for the other drivers to take over leaving Jason now in 8th position.

Daniel Stubbing still holding the lead with a 0.01.447 second gap ahead of 2nd positioned Dan Edwards. Back to battle for 3rd, Daniel Young doing his best to defend his position as the other 2 drivers, Aaron Goodwin and Luke. G, are right behind! But Aaron and Luke prove to be a little more experienced than Daniel as they both make a move inside turn 1 of Lemans, overtaking Daniel Young and placing him in 5th spot. Daniel now trying desperately to keep up with those 2.

3 laps to go now and the gap between 1st and 2nd really starts to open up, Daniel Stubbings with a 5 second lead over Dan Edwards in 2nd and for 3rd Aaron Goodwin defending his position against Luke. G with Daniel Young not so far behind. With all 8 finalist settled into their positions we come down to our final lap of the Super Final with Daniel Stubbings proving too quick against the rest of the drivers, crossing the finish line in 1st sending the chequered flag waving and signalling the end of yet another great Friday Night Challenge.

1st Daniel Stubbings 61.224sec (Fastest Lap)

2nd Dan Edwards 62.130sec

3rd Aaron Goodwin 62.331sec


Thanks to everyone for joining us here tonight, competitors, spectators, friends and family for making Friday night Challenge a night to remember. If you are interested in jumping on in don't be shy, check out our website at www.kingstonpark.com.au or call our friendly sales team on 3826 2222 for more information. Race hard, race fast and we'll see you at the next one!