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Friday Night Challenge 2018 - Week 17

Posted on May 22, 2018 by

Good day and welcome to another Friday Night Challenge here at Kingston Park Raceway. The action never stops out here and tonight was full on from the get go with 40 of the best hitting the track for some hard and fast racing action. With the heats rolling along and the drivers putting out some blinding lap times around the 1100 metre LeMans circuit. Joshua Manser dropping down the time to beat for the night in the Semi-final with a 61.483 he was clearly the man to beat tonight. But a lot of challengers stepped up to the plate and through all the hard faught battles we had 8 left standing for the Super-final. Joshua Manser, James Burston, John Nutley, Zac Nutley, Wes Greaver, Zach Davis, Braydon Bateman and Wade D’arcy.

As the drivers settle into the karts for the 8 lap sprint ahead you can tell the tensions are high with the drivers, none more so than Joshua Manser who has yet to win a Friday Night Challenge. Will to night be the first? We’re about to find out as the pace kart peels into pit lane, the lights go green and they are off! Joshua Manser leads them around turn one with Zach Davis right there with him on his bumper as they round turn 2. With the bit of a push and a draft they already start to pull time on the rest of the field. This is no alliance though as they battle hard through each corner.

With the leaders creating a gap between themselves and the rest of the field the battle heats up behind them with a 4 way for 3rd position. Braydon Bateman, Zac Nutley, John Nutley and Wade D’arcy battling hard to take that position and hold it. Back and forth they go, over and under. All 4 drivers being relentless. It was only a matter of time before something gave and its Zac Nutley who loses focus first and finds himself tagging the tyres through turn 6 and dropping to the back of the field before he can recover it. After that the battle breaks apart with John Nutley and Wade D’arcy slicing and dicing for that third position.

After a couple of laps of that back and forth action it ends abruptly with both John Nutley and Wade D’arcy getting into one another in turn 7 and falling all the way to the back of the field. Having a glance to the front of the grid and Joshua Manser has managed to break away from Zach Davis and currently holds a 2 second lead and keeps extending it as the laps trickle down. Wade D’arcy makes a final charge before the end trying to make up as much time as he can but it’s too late as the chequered flag waves with Joshua Manser taking it home! Zach Davis crosses in second position and Braydon Bateman after a hard charge and keeping it straight comes home with third.


1st – Joshua Manser – 62.162

2nd – Zach Davis – 62.869

3rd – Braydon Bateman – 62.973


What a hell of a night it was out here tonight with nonstop adrenaline pumping action from start to finish and a proud day for Joshua Manser finally coming home with the win after falling just short so many times. All those hard hours of practice finally paying off for him. A big congratulation to him and all our podium winners here tonight. If you want to get amongst It and try your luck against the best then don’t be shy! Head on down trackside any Friday night for an unbeatable challenge you won’t find anywhere else but here at Kingston Park Raceway!