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Friday Night Challenge - Week 17

Posted on November 1, 2017 by

Steadman takes the Win for Week 17”

This Weeks FNC Race Night here at Kingston Park Raceway saw 27 drivers battling it out for the nights racing split into 2 grids it was hard fought battle for some during the event and as the night progressed we saw some great racing and line taking thru the corners and some great manoeuvring by some to move up the positioning in the race grid attempting to get up in their point rankings and have a chance of making it into the nights super final and claim the podium spots and to gain our weekly prizes

As the drivers walked to their karts in pit lane the crowd gave them a thunderous applause and as they entered their go-karts and left the pits for their finale. As the pace kart travelled back into the pits and our 6 Super Finale Drivers: Brandon Madden, Craig Lyons, Bryce Steadman, Brandon Smith, Matt Q., Scott Andriske are formed up in their two by two formation eagerly awaiting the lights to go from amber to green.

Once the lights went green they were off thru the first couple of corners on the 1100 Lemans track and we saw Madden gaining momentum and holding the lead followed by Steadman and Lyons with Andriske, Smith, and Q in Hot Pursuit. As the first 2 Laps were completed we saw the leads settle with Madden still holding a solid lead defence on track with a 0.383 second lead but hot on his exhaust we saw Steadman and Lyons waiting for the opening to pass him as they both battled out for the 2nd position with Andriske, Q. and Smith in Full Pursuit attempting to find an opening to pass them and break into the Top 3.

At the Halfway point (Lap 4) of the Super Finale we saw Madden and Steadman both break into the 61secs with Madden still holding a solid lead defence with a 0.559 sec lead over Steadman and Lyons, we also saw the rear position shuffle with Q. finding his opening making his way to the 4th position on the track closely followed by Andriske and Smith.

As the race was counting down to the 2 last laps of the finale Steadman with some great line taking thru corner one against Madden saw him take the lead and taking a 0.200 lead astonishing Madden who was holding a solid defence in the super final. Andriske with an accident at turn one saw him fall to the last place from 4th position and with the decision by the driver to retire from this final race.

On the start of the final lap Steadman refused to let Madden reclaim the lead with him pulling out all his best defensive racing moves as Madden was hot on his exhaust with only a 0.020 sec difference between the two top drivers in this final race and with Lyons, Q., Smith defending their positions against each other as the final push to the Finish Line and the waive of the Checkered Flag was on course we saw Steadman and Madden neck and neck as they left the sponsors corner at corner 7 and hitting the straight and as they crossed the line we Steadman take the win followed by Madden and Lyons, with Q, and Smith a few seconds later

As the race was over and the drivers returned to the pits and exited their karts the crowd once more gave them a cheer and applause on a well fought race by our super finalists and after the race the finalists and their mates and family members made their way to the podium for the end of night presentation and awarding of our weekly prizes given to our podium finishers.

1st place Bryce “Slayer” Steadman 61.601sec
2nd place Brandon Madden 61.827sec
3rd place Craig Lyons 62.555sec
4th place Matt Q. 62.153sec
5th place Brandon Smith 62.590sec
6th place Scott Andriske 63.165sec

Fastest lap of the Night: Bryce “Slayer” Steadman 61.601sec (Fastest Lap was recorded in Super Finale of the FNC Event)

If you think you have what it takes to take on the legends here at Kingston Park Raceways Friday Night Challenge, don’t be shy! Give our sales team a call on 3826 2222 and book in now. Every Friday night here at the raceway. If you have something else in mind why not jump over to our website at kingstonpark.com.au and check out our great deals and packages.

There will be more pics on our facebook so don’t forget to follow us to get daily updates and events.

Thank you all for joining us here at the raceway for another fantastic night of racing here for Friday Night Challenge.