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Friday Night Challenge Tesults Wk 40

Posted on July 17, 2021 by

Friday Night Challenge Week 40

A big congratulations tonight Andy Barber, Laszlo Asztalos, Nathan Stayte, Liam Neutze, Stacey Maiden, Glen Tipler, Christopher Coggins and Tony Bui for making it through to the Final race in the Friday night challenge. The drivers all had to battle it out with 24 other awesome drivers through several races and only the top 8 drivers of the night earned their place in the Super Final. All the drivers were keen and excited for an action packed, adrenaline filled Friday night challenge here at Kingston Park Raceway.

We have Andy Barber starting off on pole position winning almost every race in tonight’s event, Nathan Stayte in 2nd, Laszlo Asztalos in 3rd, Liam Neutze right on 4th, Stacey Maiden in 5th, Glen Tipler on 6th, Christopher Coggins in 7th and Tony Bui in 8th. There is nothing but sheer perfection as all the drivers are going through the pace lap. Coming down the main straight! pace kart peels off into pit lane, first two drivers are looking eye to eye as they await the green light, drivers are all bunched up ready for the optimal start. All the  friends and previous opponents are crowed along the fence line cheering them on.

Lights go GREEN and the race is ON! Andy Barber shoots off to a powerful lead gaining valuable distance between Nathan Stayte and Liam Neutze. Stacey Maiden takes out Glen Tipler and Christopher Coggins around turn 3 with an unmistakable error in judgement. Tony Bui using this opportunity to gain some ground and take 4th position. Laszlo Asztalos ZOOMS through to take 4th from Tony Bui. All of this happening on the FIRST lap. Unfortunately, Stacey maiden has received a BLACK FLAG and was disqualified for spinning the other two drivers out. Glen Tipler and Christopher Coggins back in the game duking it out for 6th and 7th, some great racing action coming from both drivers. Laszlo Asztalos is catching up to the leaders making it a 4 way battle for first position. All drivers are gear box to gear box as they reach the 4th lap.

Coming up to the halfway mark, Glen Tipler and Christopher Coggins are still in a fierce battle trying their absolute hardest to best each other. Christopher Coggins pulled in to pit lane as fatigue had started to set in from tonight’s event, a valient effort to have made it so far. Glen Tipler looking left and right trying to see where his opponent had gone, but this proved a fatal error for him as he came crashing into the tyre wall at turn 2!!!. Andy Barber, not fazed by his competition keeps his lead, just focusing on defensive racing and keeping his line on point. Laszlo Asztalos with the risky moves as he tries to dive bomb around turn one and turn 3 but it just isn't paying off for him. Nathan Stayte and Liam Neutze are bumper to bumper as they try to catch Andy Barber. Tony Bui comes flying behind Laszlo Asztalos as he makes yet another risky dive bomb. Tony can smell the engine of Laszlo as he ducks his head down and focuses on getting past him. Glen Tipler not giving up, still managing to win the support of the crowd along the fence line.

This is it, the last lap, Andy Barber once again remains the leader of the race, Nathan Stayte not far behind with Liam Neutze by his side. Laszlo Asztalos learning from his mistakes has stopped his eager bombs to go back to defensive lines to stop Tony Bui from overtaking him. Glen Tipler proving he is still in this race as he is only just a few corners behind the group. Coming around turn 3 Liam Netze thought he could push through but instead took out Andy Barber and forced him into a tire wall. That did not stop Andy however, he still remained in 3rd position. Nathan Stayte was right behind Liam Neutze in 2nd position. Liam Neutze did receive a Black Flag and Disqualification for forcing another driver into a tyre wall and dangerous overtaking. A 4 way battle for first position as our drivers come down the main straight for the chequered flag. Nathan Stayte with a stephen bradbury moment takes the WIN with Andy Barber right behind him looking upset and excited at the same time. Laszlo Asztalos held 3rd place firmly with an incredible feat by Tony Bui coming 4th from starting in last place. Glen Tipler came zooming through to take 5th. Emotions were high at the end after the events of the race had unfolded, but all drivers were shaking hands and giving words of advice to each other. A special mention does go to Stacey Maiden, Christopher Coggins and Liam Neutze for making it through to the Super Final, although errors were made they all raced really well and quite admirably. The top 3 fastest drivers of the night were Andy barber with a 60.148, Stacey Maiden with a 60.643 and Laszlo Asztalos with a 60.715

A major thank you for all the drivers and supporters who came racing for yet another great, amazing, exiting hell of a night out at Kingston Park Raceways Friday Night challenge. If you are interested in a fun, fast, adrenaline fueled night of racing make sure you sign up for a Friday night challenge. Be sure to check out the website kingstonpark.com.au or give our friendly team a call on (07) 3826 2255 for more information or enquiries.