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Friday Night Challenge Race Results Wk 37

Posted on July 28, 2021 by

Friday Night Challenge 13/09/2019


Good evening and welcome to another unbeatable night out here at Kingston Park Raceways Friday Night Challenge! We had quite an eventful night out here tonight with some very fast drivers coming out to show their prowess trackside and fight for that top spot. Bailey Howard, Ryan Graham, Glen Tipler, Blake Goulding, Jade Foggo, James Mcguire and Andy Barber all making it through to the super final. Let’s dive in and see how it played out.

The man to beat tonight winning all heats thus far, Andy Barber took it away from the front row as the green lights come alive to start our Super Final. Bailey Howard with his eyes on the prize gave Andy a run for his money in the opening stages of the race. Blake Goulding and James Mcguire fall in suit as the battle for the lead begins. Bailey Howard get’s a little to defensive however forcing a driver off track on the main straight right in front of our marshals. Unfortunately for Bailey that’s not accepted on track, dangerous blocking and forcing drivers off track so the black flag comes out and that would end Bailey’s race on lap two. And he wasn’t the only one to suffer. Him blocking like that held everyone up behind him and gave Andy Barber enough breathing room to get a runaway.

With their work cut out for them Blake Goulding and James Mcguire put their heads down and begin to work together to make up lost ground on Andy Barber our current leader. Behind them Ryan Graham and Glen Tipler are locked in a head to head battle for fourth position with almost identical lap times the trade places lap after lap as neither can get a leg up on the other. Up the front Andy Barber pulls some very fast lap times with the clean air in front of him getting down into the 60 second lap times. Can Blake and James make up the ground required to challenge for the lead?

Just a couple of laps left and Jade Foggo pushing a little too hard to make up lost ground finds himself around and facing backwards through turn 3 ending his chances of making a push in the final closing laps. Possibly knowing the end is coming up and unable to close the gap to first, Blake Goulding and James Mcguire begin to battle for second position. James makes a dive through turn one but Blake holds on and fights back through turns two and three. James gives it another crack around 5 and Blake dives under in turn seven to take the spot back in the final lap. The battle for fourth is still rolling as well with Ryan Graham and Glen Tipler still trading places corner after corner as they come down to the finish line it’s a drag race as Ryan manages to take 4th at the line from Glen. The battle for second and third we see Blake Goulding hold on through turns seven and eight to take home second over James Mcguire who comes away with third. And of course, with a masterful drive of the night and unbeaten from start to finish, Andy Barber takes home the gold!


1st – Andy Barber – 60.835

2nd – Blake Goulding – 61.989

3rd – James Mcquire – 61.970


And that wraps up another night trackside here at Kingston Park Raceways Friday Night Challenge! We hope to see you down here next Friday for the best adrenaline fueled end to a work week there is!