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Friday Night Challenge Results Wk 5

Posted on June 25, 2021 by


Kingston Park Raceway Friday Night Challenge 31/01/2020

Good evening and welcome back for round 3 of Kingston Park Raceway’s famous Friday night challenge for 2020. New year has brought in a few changes to the format the main one being the exclusion of the semi-final.  This puts a lot more pressure on the drivers now that they only have 3 points scoring races before heading to the final.

Without further delays though let’s get into the racing we had 24 drivers make their way to Mudgee street in Kingston to take on the 1100m Le Mans track. With a good-sized field race control had to split them up into 2 groups for this evening heat races before they could than combine the top 8 drivers on points to advance to the super final.

Race control decided it was only fitting to take the top 4 from each group on points and have them gridded up in their points-based order as well. Starting off pole was Bobby Blinco with 178 points with Daniel Raciti beside him with 176 points, Zac Pascoe was off 3rd with 168 points and Andrew Harris was alongside him in 4th with 162 points, Chris Carter will be starting from 5th with 162 points as well with Andrew only starting ahead due to winning heat 3 when Chris only managed 3rd. 6th was Oliver Hadjipetrou you might need to be an interpreter to tell me how to pronounce his last name but with the driving this young man has displayed tonight it wont be long until everyone in the raceway knows how to say it flawlessly he also had 162 points in it so nothing separating our midfield tonight. 7th was James Hollonds with Hamish Wilson just scraping into our super final with both having 160 and 158 points.

Always having a trick up their sleeves race control brought in a lucky draw for kart numbers before the racing got under way tonight . End of lap 2 and other than the action at the front of the field the action behind has tamed down a bit except our pole sitter Bobby Blinco has now found himself in last place this is not where he wants to be or anyone wants to be. 3 laps to go and Oliver and Zac Pasoce are right on Daniel Raciti as they go through the last 2 corners Zac Pascoe has found himself in front of Oliver and has a run into turn 1 on Daniel Raciti.  Last Lap now and all Oliver Hadjipetrou has to do is defend for 1 lap and he’s the winner but Zac Pascoe is all over the back of him.  Zac cant make it happen at turn 2 or turn 5 coming through the last 2 corners he gets a run on Oliver but it’s not enough.  Oliver Hadjipetrou is the winner with Zac Pascoe coming home a very close 2nd and Daniel Raciti finishing our podium places in 3rd.

1st – Oliver Hadjipetrou -61.351

2nd – Zac Pascoe­ – 61.172

3rd – Daniel Raciti – 62.197


Well that concludes an exciting night of racing here on the Le Mans track here at Kingston Park Raceway. If you think you got what it takes to be a Friday night challenge winner here at Kingston Park Raceway make sure you come on done for racing every Friday night for racing here on the Le Mans track give our sales a ring and book in early to ensure your spot on our grid.