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Friday Night Challenge January Results 2020

Posted on January 5, 2022 by

Friday Night Challenge 24.01.2020

Good evening and welcome to the second round of Kingston Park Raceways Friday Night Challenge for 2020. For Round 2 of tonights event we had a total of 15 drivers come down to take on the challenge that is our Friday Night Challenge. Throughout the first couple of Heats and the practice round we have seen some consistent lap times from our drivers but a highlight from all those times was from a familiar face, Josh Wiffen achieving the first 61 second lap time of the evening. Now with all Heats over and done with lets get right into the Final race for the evening.

With our top eight Finalist out on track for their warm-up lap, heading down the main straight anticipating for those lights to go green. Green lights come alive and off they go, powering throughout turn 1 and into turn 2 is Stacey Maiden a frequent visitor to Friday Night Challenge. Following closely behind in 2nd and 3rd drivers Oliver.H  and Josh Wiffen.  Josh however is losing his 3rd spot to Max Triffett around turn 5, leaving Josh with some work to do. A bit of contact with the back few drivers, giving one another a little love tap on the back of one another go-karts for a battle for 5th position.

Josh reclaiming his 3rd position from Max and then stealing 2nd spot from Oliver.H. Somehow finding another gear in his go-kart Josh has as he works to close the gap between himself and Stacey who has yet to be challenged.  4 laps to go and we now have a 4-way battle for 4th position as the back half of the group have made some ground on the front of the pack. Back to the leaders now and Josh has caught right up to Stacey finally giving her a challenge and some work to do as she now has to defend her first spot from her rival, Josh following closely behind Stacey being very careful not to make the wrong move.

With everything settling down and all our drivers positions pretty much set. An outstanding effort from Stacey holding off Josh as the chequered flag waves and Stacey crosses the finish line in 1st position. Congratulations Stacey! Crossing the line next was Josh Wiffen for 2nd and Oliver.H for 3rd.

Thrilling would be the word to describe this Final race for the evening, but that concludes round 2 of Kingston Park Raceways Friday Night Challenge.

1st Stacey Maiden -61.533

2nd Josh Wiffen 60.717 (Fastest of the race)

3rd Oliver.H 62.905


And that will wrap up the second Friday Night Challenge of 2020 here at Kingston Park Raceway. Hopefully, everyone who joined us had one hell of a night out and hopefully you out there reading this will join us next time for the BEST adrenaline fueled action you can get on four wheels down at Kingston Park Raceway!