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Friday Night Challenge 26/02/2021

Posted on November 26, 2021 by

Friday Night Challenge Blog - 26/02/21

Welcome to another night here at Kingston Park raceway with grids of drivers ready to take on the 1100-meter lemans track. After the grids have done their races, we have taken the top three drivers of each to let them battle it out to prove who it is the best of the tonight is as they all get ready are top six drivers are Michael Goodchild, Trent Laves, Cayden George, Toby Cross, Callum Whatmore, Treye Gundry are all ready to hit the track and prove who the best is and take out the iPlay winners prize for the night. 

Also leading up to tonight's event are top 3 point holders for this month of race are 1st Michael Goodchild sitting on 458 points Elijah Oliver on 378 points and sitting in 3rd John Wooler 334 points. 

As all drivers get ready to hit the track in there 2 by 2 behind the pace kart just waiting for those lights to go green the pace kart pulls in and the lights go green GO GO GO we are off and racing down into turn one with Trent Laves getting off to a ripper of a start and opening up a gap over the grid as the rest of the drivers are left to battle it out. We have a battle for 3rd on our hands with Toby Cross holding onto 3rd to the time as it settles down for now. 

Michael Goodchild on the move pushing his way past into 5th place dropping Treye Gundry to 6th. Out in front of Trent Laves just driving away from the rest of the drivers in a class of his own tonight. Cayden George holding 2nd place but only just as Toby Cross is hot on his gearbox just waiting for that opening to get the pass down, but it does not look like Cayden going to give it up and holding his racing line around the track. 

As 2nd and 3rd battle, Callum Whatmore in 4th has joined the party now putting these three drivers all bumper to bumper and the checkered flag is out and Trent Laves takes the win here tonight with a 9 second lead over the rest of the grid what a drive! Cayden George brings it home in 2nd and in 3rd Toby Cross rounds off are top three for Friday night Challenge. 

1st Trent Laves 

2nd Cayden George 

3rd Toby Cross 

Fastest driver of the night Callum Whatmore 61.855 

February Top 3 point trophy winners are 

1st Michael Goodchild 676 points 

2nd Elijah Oliver 378 points 

3rd John Wooler 334 points 

That will wrap up for Friday Night Challenge here at Kingston Park Raceway. Hopefully, everyone who joined us had one hell of a night out, and hopefully you out there reading this will join us next time for the BEST adrenaline-fueled action you can get on four wheels down at Kingston Park Raceway!