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Friday Night Challenge 23/06/2017

Posted on July 1, 2017 by

Friday Night Challenge 23/06/2017

Hello! And welcome to another exciting and eventful night of racing out here at Kingston Park Raceway’s Friday Night Challenge! With a bit of chill in the air keeping it nice, fresh and cold we warmed up the night with some fast paced racing action right off the bat with our practice sessions showing the excellent quality of drivers that came out for a bit of unbeatable fun. 62 second laps being pulled by more than half the field with it only to get quicker as the night went on. But we all know why we are here and that’s to make it into the ever important super final. Making the cut tonight were the likes of Andrew Clifton, Josh Wiffen, Terry Ayres, Ethen Cumming, Nathan Hocking, Warren Macdonald, Jared Baker and Wade Van Ingen. Now let’s get into it and break down how it played out.

Pace kart in, green lights on and they’re off! Into turn one they go and Nathan was caught napping at the line as Warren Macdonald gets the launch into turn one and shoots into the lead past both Ethen Cumming and Nathan Hocking. Into turn two and we see Ethen Cumming and Nathan Hocking start duking it out for that second position as Warren Macdonald starts running away with the lead. As we look back there is a huge battle at the back of the field with Josh Wiffen, Terry Ayres and Wade Van Ingen all fighting it out for fifth position.

Looking back at the front now and Warren Macdonald has pulled quite a distance on the rest of the field with a gap of 3.2 seconds as Ethen Cummings and Jared Baker, who got past Nathan Hocking in a nice switch through turn five,  are locked in combat for second position. But what’s this?! We have a kart backwards at turn eight! It’s Terry! Ayres It seems he’s looped himself around while pushing a little too hard for that fifth position. How unfortunate but he didn’t lose that much time, he can still make it back if he pushes it.

Ethen Cumming now making up that lost ground on Warren Macdonald and the battle for first begins with 4 laps remaining. With Nathan Hocking falling further and further down the field we see Andrew Clifton and Wade Van Ingen train their way up to the front and take that third and fourth position from Jared Baker and Nathan Hocking. As the battle between those two heats up we have Terry Ayres spin out again! Oh no! Well their goes his hopes of taking it home tonight. You need to push hard but you also need to keep those karts straight. You can’t win a race from the tire wall.

Coming around for the last lap now and the top spot is still up for grabs with Ethen Cumming making a marvelous  maneuver through turns three and four to make the pass stick though turn five. Into seven and eight, the last chance for Warren Macdonald to get it back and he has the run coming out of eight down the main straight and will he get there?! No! Ethen Cumming takes the win! Warren MacDonald crossing the line in second and Andrew getting the job done for third.


1st – Ethen Cumming – 61.581

2nd – Warren Macdonald – 61.684

3rd – Andrew Clifton – 62.174

Fastest lap – Josh Wiffen – 61.174


What a night we had out here at Kingston Park Raceway tonight. Ups and downs, lefts and rights, it was all happening tonight. If you missed it, well don’t be sad just come on down next Friday night and join in on the challenge!

Unbeatable fun, professional race format and electric atmosphere, there’s no better place to get that adrenaline pumping then right here at the raceway. Kingston Park Raceway, it’s a hell of a night out!  Call us on 3826 2255