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Friday Night Challenge 21-06-2019 / Wk 25

Posted on June 27, 2019 by

Friday Night Challenge 21-06-2019

Good Evening and welcome to Kingston Park Raceway’s Friday Night Challenge. Tonight we had 20 adrenalin junkies come down to battle it out. It was an epic night, however! Only the top 9 driver who have accumulated the most points tonight will qualify for the Final. Our top 9 drivers were: James Barton, Matt Peters, Jack Robson, Jaden Sangarsi, Jay Atman, Rhez Suarez, Luke Banister, Tim Born and Tristan Brabin.

Our top drivers are heading out for their warmup lap behind the pace kart, the pace kart pulls into pit lane as our first 2 drivers maintain the same pace up the main straight. As they approach the lights, yellows are off and greens are on, its go time! Jay Atman in kart 3 immediately takes the lead going into turn 1, and falls back into second as James Barton soars past him through turn 2.

Jay Atman and Jack Robson are fighting for second position but Jay seems to hold second quite comfortably now. As we come into our second lap our leader James Barton is thrashing it through turn 1 with a 2.5 second lead. Tristan Brabin has pushed his way from last into 8th position by taking a wide racing line going through turn 5.

Our midfield drivers are holding their ground, they are all trying extremely hard to gain positions but it’s looking like an even playing field out there. Here comes our leader again James Barton flying down the main straight, wait.. Is that a bird? Is that a plane? NO, THAT’S JAMES BARTON! With a massive 5 second lead. No one’s catching James now.

James Barton has been making contact with too many tyre walls out there and our finest marshal Scott has called a no bumping sign on James, he better be careful as he’s come all this way he doesn’t want to cop any penalties now. Jay Atman has gained a bit more ground still holding second place with Jack Robson in 3rd.

As James Barton comes absolutely thrashing it down the main straight, the crowd cheers him on and KOWABUNGA this man has won the Friday Night Challenge with an outstanding 10.5 second lead! Ive never seen it go down like this in a long time. James Barton from the get go took flight and spread those racing wings out and gave us all an amazing show tonight. There was no competition for him. Looks like he will have to join our Pro Series event to test his true skill.

Jay Atman now comes cruising down the main straight taking second position with Jack Robson 2 second behind taking 3rd place.

1st James Barton – 61.057

2nd Jay Atman – 61.669

3rd Jack Robson – 62.285


Fastest Lap: Jay Atman – 60.599